• Whatever your business needs, from setting money aside for quarterly bills, to investing in new machinery, we have a savings account to suit.

  • Instant access account
  • Notice accounts
  • Term deposits
  • Client accounts

Instant access account

  • Business instant access account

    When you want your money to work harder day in, day out.

    • Earn a rate of interest based on the declared credit balance in the account
    • Instant access to your savings with no withdrawal penalties.
    • Open an account with just £1, with a maximum deposit of £5 million.

    You can apply by calling 0345 606 0286 or by logging in if you've already registered for internet banking.

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Notice accounts

  • 32 Day Notice Account

    • Interest is calculated daily and in accordance with the Bank of England Bank rate, plus an agreed margin.
    • Deposit between £10,000 and £5million.
    • Withdraw a minimum of £10,000 by giving 32 days notice.
    • Make as many withdrawals as you like, as long as your account balance remains at £10,000 or greater and you give 32 days notice.
    • If you have Business Internet Banking, you can view your 32 Day Notice Account details online and add or withdraw funds
    • Product is also available in US Dollars. Please follow this link for key features

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Term deposits

  • Fixed Term Deposit

    • Choose a savings term that suits you.
    • You’ll need a minimum of £10,000 to open an account with a maximum balance of £5 million.
    • You can decide on the length of the term, from overnight up to three years. No withdrawals can be made during the term of the deposit.
    • Get a fixed interest rate for the whole period. Interest is paid either net or gross depending on your tax status. It can be paid into your business account at the end of term.
    • If you have Business Internet Banking, you can view your fixed term deposit online and update maturity instructions.
    • If you would like to deposit more than £5 million contact us on 0345 604 5539.

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Client accounts

  • Designated Clients’ Account

    Instant access to your client's funds.
    Receive regular statements.
    Invest between £1.00 and £5 million.
    No minimum or maximum withdrawal limit as long as you have cleared funds available.
    Interest is calculated daily, paid monthly and can be paid gross or net according to each client's tax status.
    Normally no transaction charges.

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  • Business Banking Clients' Call Account

    Instant access to all your client's funds.
    Withdraw any amount needed, with no minimum or maximum limits as long you have cleared funds available.
    Deposit between £1.00 and £5 million.
    Receive daily, weekly or monthly statements.
    Manage money efficiently, normally with no transaction charges.
    Tiered interest is calculated daily, paid monthly and can be added to your firm's office account.

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