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    Get started with new-look Business Internet Banking in just a few steps:

    • Log in to Business Internet Banking
    • Click the banner at the top of your homepage
    • Take a quick tour of the changes

    With a simpler design and quicker access to the things you do the most, we’re sure you’ll find Business Internet Banking easier than ever.

    If you haven’t made the switch already, your account will move to the new design over the next few weeks.

    The changes at a glance

    • A fresh new design makes it easier to discover new features and helps you find the things you do most often
    • The new ‘more actions’ button gives you quick access to tasks like managing Direct Debits, setting up standing orders, International Payments, Online Payment Control, and more of your account services
    • Make payments and transfers directly from your Internet Banking homepage
    • Designed to be easier to use on touch screen devices

    Your log in details haven’t changed, but the design of the log in page will be updated. Your accounts remain in a familiar place on the homepage, and we continue to use the latest security measures to protect your money and your personal information.

    There are also no changes to our Business Banking Mobile Apps*.

  • The change in details
  • FAQ

The change in details

  • Checking your balance and viewing transactions

    There's more information on your new Business Internet Banking homepage, which shows your full available balance.

    Click on the ‘view statement' button for access to your transaction history.

    Once there, you can search for a transaction with a handy link at the top of the page. The rest of your statement page will look very familiar.

     Bos Image 1

    Making payments

    As well as being able to make quick transfers between your accounts, you can make payments to people or companies you've paid before from the homepage.

    You'll see a list of all your existing payees, and you can schedule a payment from any of your eligible accounts. Then simply enter the payment amount and click ‘Pay'. You'll need to confirm your request on the following page.

    Bos Image 2

    Accessing your account services

    Use the new ‘more actions' button to access the services available in Business Internet Banking, directly from your homepage.

    You'll have quick and easy access to things like Direct Debits, standing orders, bulk and international payments, all from the ‘more actions' menu, for each of your accounts.

    Most of these services were previously found in the tabs at the top of your statement page.

    Bos Image 3

    Making International Payments

    You'll find International Payments within the ‘more actions' menu. Click on more actions, then select ‘Payments and Transfers'. You can choose to make a new payment, or manage your existing payment recipients.

    Once past this point, you'll notice that the process is very familiar.

    Managing your profile and settings

    Manage your personal and business details, including delegate access and Online Payment Control, from wherever you are in Business Internet Banking.

    You can also quickly switch between your accounts, without having to return to the homepage.

    Bos Image 4

    Find new products and services

    You can find more information about our products and services on the left of the account homepage.

    We have grouped products into sections to make it easier to find a product that meets your needs, with our most popular products towards the top.


  • 1. What has changed?

    A fresh new look and simpler navigation will make it easier to find the things you do most often and discover features you may not have used before.

    You'll also notice bigger buttons that make the new Business Internet Banking simpler to use on a touch screen device.

    You can make quick transfers between your accounts and pay existing recipients, all from your Business Internet Banking homepage.

    2. Why the change?

    We're always looking for ways to improve your Business Internet Banking experience.

    With the increasing popularity of touch screen devices and a growing list of new Business Internet Banking functions, the time is right for a facelift.

    The new look Business Internet Banking is based on feedback from customers, but we're always keen to hear what you think. If you have a comment or question, look for the feedback button at the top of the new Business Internet Banking homepage.

    3. When is the change happening?

    You can choose to move to the new design today. Log on to Business Internet Banking and click the banner at the top of your homepage to get started.

    All customers will be moved over to the new design in the weeks following the launch.

    4. What does it look like?

    Take a look through these pages and watch the video to get a first look at the new Business Internet Banking.

    When you log in for the first time you'll see a short tour to help you find your way around.

    5. What has stayed the same?

    The design of Business Internet Banking has changed, but:

    • Your personal log in details will stay the same
    • You'll recognise your accounts in a familiar place on the homepage
    • You'll still be protected by the latest security measures
    • You'll carry out your day-to-day banking tasks in a familiar way

    6. Do the changes affect how I log in?

    The design of the log in page will change, but how you log in won't change.

    7. Has the mobile app changed?

    No, these changes won’t affect our latest iOS and Android Business Banking mobile apps.

    8. Where can I get help?

    Take a look around these pages and watch the video to understand the key changes.

    Once you've moved over to the new design, you'll have access to tutorials and other support material to help you find your way around.

    If you're having problems and can't find the answers you need in our Help and guidance section, you can always contact us.

  • * We don't charge you for Mobile Banking but your mobile operator may charge you for certain services such as downloading or using the app, so please check with them. Our new app requires iOS 7.0 or above, or Android 4.1 or above. Internet Banking registration required. Services may be affected by phone signal and functionality. Use of Mobile Banking is subject to our Business Internet Banking Terms and Conditions.
  • Useful Contact Numbers

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    Registering for Business Internet Banking?
    Please call 0345 300 0268

    Internet Banking Helpdesk
    0345 300 2924                UK
    +44 (0)131 339 8620       Overseas

    Commercial Banking Online Helpdesk
    0808 202 1390                  UK
    +44 (0) 1264 839 415      Overseas

    Our Business Internet Banking and Internet Banking helpdesk call lines are open from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. Our Commercial Banking Online Helpdesk is open 7.30am-6pm Monday to Friday. We are closed on Bank Holidays.

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