• The food and drink sector has seen tough and changeable trading conditions in recent years. Despite this, the sector continues to expand, with exporting and new product development expected to be key drivers for growth.

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    Higher growth markets are a major target for food sector businesses, with almost two-thirds of companies identifying the Far East/Asia as their key area of focus, replacing Western Europe at the top of the list of target markets. Growth in these markets is forcing Western businesses to innovate in order to capitalise on these opportunities.

    We aim to offer trade finance support to importers and exporters. We make the most of our knowledge of the regulatory environment and monitor demand changes in the sector to support your business through the cycle in the most efficient way possible. We will work with you as you seek to benefit from these fast-growing markets.


    The economic environment of the last couple of years has had a significant impact on all businesses, but the drink sector has demonstrated defensive qualities throughout this trying time. Many success stories in this sector have increased their internal focus on cash and costs and taken the opportunity to grow market share. Exporting and new product development are the focus for many drink sector businesses, while higher growth markets, such as Far East/Asia, are considered the latest major target for almost two-thirds of companies.

    We aim to create long-term financial plans that work within the timeframes of your business and in line with regulation. Our trade finance support is based on in-depth sector expertise and experience of working with businesses large and small in the industry. We monitor changes in the markets, and can work with you as you adapt your business to benefit from the opportunities in growth markets. No matter what your company’s goals are, from consolidation to expansion, our team is here to help you achieve them.

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