• The Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) industry is a high-growth sector which acts as an enabler of broader macro-economic growth.

    We use our industry expertise to identify ways we can support our TMT clients by structuring and executing risk management, financing, working capital and liquidity solutions, which facilitate growth and manage sector-specific risks.

    Our focus is to help and support our clients with their individual requirements.

  • Telecommunications

    We are committed to supporting the telecommunications sector whose infrastructure and services are core to the success of economies around the world.

    A changing revenue mix, greater competition, regulation and convergence have led to a greater focus on capital structure, working capital, risk and liquidity. We are expert in implementing financial solutions for our clients, ensuring they remain both capital efficient and insulated from the most significant financial risks.


    Media is flourishing as never before. Consumers are enjoying an increasingly rich experience, while media owners are wrestling with a proliferation of channels and fundamental shifts in their business models. We are witnessing a revolution in media which is changing the world.

    We help media clients achieve their business goals by providing solutions to optimise their balance sheet, liquidity, and risk profile. As a Bank of Scotland customer, you will have access to a dedicated team of bankers, who work exclusively with international media businesses.


    Financing R&D, capital and intellectual investment are all priorities for technology companies. In addition, managing liquidity and available cash are prerequisites for companies which operate in a rapidly changing and often volatile environment.

    Our relationship-led approach means we take the time to understand our clients’ issues and, together with our product experts, we deliver appropriate and useful solutions that add value throughout the economic cycle.


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