• Charges

    Turnover less than £1million

    Our Business Current Account has one simple price plan.

    There is no charge for electronic payments, including withdrawing cash from a cash machine and paying by debit card.

  • Monthly account fee1  


    Electronic payments (in or out)2


    Cash payments
    (in or out)3

    The first £1500 per month.

    £1 per £100

    Anything over £1500 per month.

    £0.80 per £100

    Cheques (in and out)
    and credits in4  


    1 A fixed fee for operating your account
    2 Includes online, automated and debit card payments
    3 Cash you pay into or withdraw from your account using our branch counter or deposit machine. We don’t charge for ATM withdrawals.
    4 Credit in is a fee charged when paying in a credit of any combination of cheques or cash at the branch counter. We do not charge a credit in fee when you use an Immediate Deposit Machine or Night Safe.

    Full terms and conditions

    To find out what your likely monthly charges would be for the Business Current Account, use the Business Current Account calculator.  

    Turnover between £1 million and £25 million

    Business Extra, Electronic Business and Commercial Tariff

    Choose the tariff that best suits your business. How do you use your business account? If you prefer more traditional banking ways, like writing cheques, our standard Business Extra should suit you fine.

    On the Electronic Business Tariff you can keep charges low with free transactions including debit card payments, Direct Debits, standing orders and Internet payments.

    Commercial Tariff is suitable where cash and cheque are your primary transactions.

    Talk to your Relationship Manager about what kind of account would be more suitable for your type of business.

      Commercial Tariff Business Extra Electronic Business Tariff
    Monthly Account Maintenance Fee £6.50 £6.50 £10.00
    Electronic transactions   
    UK Sterling Direct Debits 43p 40p Free
    Standing order 50p
    Business Debit card transaction (excluding ATM) 44p
    ATM withdrawals (free from a Lloyds Banking Group Cashpoint®* machine) † 42p
    Internet Bulk Payment – batch UK Sterling Direct Debit ‡ 43p 
    Automated credit 15p 20p
    Automated credit - Telephone and Internet Banking 25p
    Automated credit – Faster Payments inbound 15p
    Internet Banking and PhoneBank®* payments 25p
    Internet Bulk Payment – per item 20p
    Faster Payments outbound 25p
    Transfer (to or from another account in your name with the sort code starting 30, 77 or 87) Free Free
    Cheques and Cash
    Cheque paid in at a Bank of Scotland counter (or Postal order) 31p 50p 65p
    Cheques in at Immediate Deposit Machine (available in branch) 31p 30p 35p
    Cheque payment 62p 70p 80p
    Cash paid in at a Bank of Scotland counter 56p per £100 70p per £100 £1 per £100
    Cash in at Immediate Deposit Machine (available in branch) 56p per £100 60p per £100 90p per £100
    Cash paid out at a Lloyds Bank counter** 56p per £100 70p per £100 £1 per £100
    Other branch transactions
    Other debit 59p 70p 80p
    Other credit 75p
    Credit paid in at a Lloyds Bank branch (including via an Immediate Deposit Machine) 75p
    Credit paid in at another bank 75p
    Other services
    Cash exchanged £2.00 per £100 £1.65 per £100 £1.65 per £100
    Bacs – batch file submitted £5 £5 £5
    Bacs – debit or credit item 10p 10p Free
    Telepay – debit or credit item 50p 50p 50p
    Cardnet envelope paid in Free Free Free
    Credit paid in via Night Safe Free Free Free

    †The owner of the machine may also charge you for this transaction. All LINK machines will give you an on-screen warning of charges, in advance, allowing you to continue or cancel the transaction.

    ‡ You will be charged an item fee for each individual payment that you make within a Bulk Payments batch. In addition you will also be charged for the debit made to your account for the total amount of the Bulk Payments batch – charged at the rate of a UK Sterling Direct Debit. For example, on Business Extra , a batch of 10 payments will incur a charge of 10 x 20p for the individual payments as well as 1 x 40p for the UK Sterling Direct Debit to the account. This makes a total of 11 individual charges.

    * Cashpoint® is a registered trademark of Lloyds Bank plc and Phonebank® is a registered trademark of Lloyds Bank plc

    ** This includes the use of debit cards to withdraw cash over branch counters and where a bank giro credit is paid using either a debit card or a cheque drawn on your account and processed as cleared funds.