• Growing your business

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    If the time is right to expand your business, you'll find valuable information here on planning for growth and managing it through, including:

    • developing a strategy for growth
    • assessing your resources and capacity
    • monitoring your business performance.

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    Becoming a director


    Being a director of your own limited company can be very fulfilling, but it also brings legal responsibilities and duties to your shareholders. We’ll take you through:

    • your duties
    • your legal responsibilities
    • your liabilities.

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    Digital accounts replace annual tax returns


    Annual tax returns are to be replaced by new, real-time digital accounts for millions of individuals and businesses, as the UK tax system undergoes major reform.

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    Changes to dividends payments


    Tax rules affecting dividend income payments could mean small business owners needing to review their personal remuneration strategies.

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    Financing for growth


    Growing your business can often involve spending more before you see that investment returned as increased profit. Our guide will help you:

    • Decide if your business is ready to grow
    • Be ready for the results
    • Find ways to fund your expansion plans.

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    Business premises


    Taking on the right new premises for your business can be a daunting prospect. We take you through the essentials including:

    • The legal issues
    • Insurance
    • Where to find expert help.

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    Employing staff


    Your staff are likely to be one of your key business resources. We look at the responsibilities and challenges of being an employer:

    • Employment law including the Equality Act
    • Helpful payroll systems
    • How to keep your staff, and keep them happy.

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    Contingency planning


    If the worst was to happen and your business was badly affected by a flood, an IT failure or the death of a key employee, would you still be able to operate? Our guide will help you:

    • Identify risks to your business
    • Draw up a contingency plan
    • Decide what to include in your plans.

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    Time management


    Even the most successful businesses and organisations look for ways to increase profits through improved productivity and efficiency. Better time management can help you do just that through:

    • Identifying your priorities
    • Reducing distractions
    • Using tools to help you manage your time better.

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    Marketing and customer relations


    Put very simply, marketing is about getting the right product to the right people. We can show you how to write a marketing plan for your business and deepen customer relationships through:

    • Identifying your marketing objectives
    • Planning your tactics and setting a budget
    • Improving customer service and encouraging repeat business.

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    Becoming a sustainable business not only brings environmental benefits but economic and commercial benefits too. Our sustainability guide will:

    • Help you create an individual sustainability action plan
    • Advise you on how to make more of your green credentials
    • Link you to a range of national and local organisations that can help.

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    Support through difficult times


    Find out what support is available to you if you are experiencing financial difficulty including:

    • Helping you to review your financial situation
    • Working with you to develop a plan
    • Identifying external support

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