Equiniti Global Partnership

We know sending International Payments is essential to your business, that is why we have partnered with Equiniti Global to allow you to make International Payments in a further 93 currencies in addition to the 39 offered in Internet Banking.

Key Features

  • Make International Payments to virtually anywhere in the world
  • Transparent costs and pricing (avoid automatic conversions) consistent with LBG FX Margins
  • Highly efficient and customer-friendly platform for maximised productivity.

How does it work?

  • On-boarded to Equiniti Global with access to a dedicated relationship manager
  • Access to the Equiniti Global platform, make International payments in an additional 93 currencies
  • Track all payments you make and download all information you need on your International Payments.

Am I eligible?

  • You must have an annual International Payment flow over £250k in one (or multiple) of the 93 currencies.

Already registered?

Log into the Equiniti Online portalEquiniti online portal to make International Payments in 93 new currencies.


  • Details of currencies available through the new Equiniti partnership are detailed below:

    Albania Lek, Armenian dram, Netherlands Antillean guilder, Angolan kwanza, Aruban florin, Azerbaijani manta, Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark, Bangladeshi taka, Bulgarian lev, Burundian franc, Burundian franc, Bermudian dollar, Brunei dollar, Bolivian boliviano, Brazilian real, Bahamian dollar, Botswana pula, Belarusian ruble, Belize dollar, Congolese franc, Colombian peso, Costa Rican colón, Cape Verdean escudo, Djiboutian franc, Dominican peso, Algerian dinar, Egyptian pound, Eritrean nakfa, Ethiopian birr, Fijian dollar, Georgian lari, Ghanaian cedi, Gambian dalasi, Guinean franc, Guatemalan quetzal, Guyanese dollar, Honduran lempira, Croatian kuna, Haitian gourde, Indonesian rupiah, Jamaican dollar, Kyrgyzstani som, Cambodian riel, Comorian franc, South Korean won, Cayman Islands dollar, Kazakhstani tenge, Lao kip, Lebanese pound, Sri Lankan rupee, Liberian dollar, Lesotho loti, Libyan dinar, Moldovan leu, Malagasy ariary, Macedonian denar, Burmese kyat, Mongolian tögrög, Macanese pataca, Mauritanian ouguiya, Maldivian rufiyaa, Malawian kwacha, Malaysian ringgit, Mozambican metical, Namibian dollar, Nigerian naira, Nicaraguan córdoba, Peruvian sol, Papua New Guinean kina, Philippine peso, Pakistani rupee, Paraguayan guaraní, Serbian dinar, Russian ruble, Rwandan franc, Solomon Islands dollar, Seychellois Rupee, Sierra Leonean leone, Surinamese dollar, South Sudanese pound, São Tomé and Príncipe dobra, Swazi lilangeni, Tajikistani somoni, Tongan Paʻanga, New Taiwan dollar, Ugandan shilling, Uruguayan peso, Vietnamese dong, Vanuatu vatu, Samoan tālā, Central African CFA franc, West African CFA franc, CFP franc, Zambian kwacha.

How to Apply

To apply please speak to your dedicated relationship manager.

For those clients with a turnover of £0-3m please contact the number below

0345 606 0286

We are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

0345 606 0286

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