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Making Payments Online

What you can do in Business Internet Banking

  • Make payments and transfers in one place
  • Pay suppliers or bills on the same day or up to 31 days in the future
  • Make up to 25 payments at once
  • Set up and manage standing orders
  • Add or delete recipients
  • Manage your pending payments

What’s changing?

screenshot image of make payment
  • You can make payments and transfers in the same place.

  • Simply click ‘Payments and transfers’ in your account menu to get started.
screenshot image of payments and transfers screen
  • The new look makes everything clearer and simpler to follow.
screenshot image of standing order option
  • You can turn a one-off payment into a standing order with a single click.

  • There’s no need to enter an existing recipient’s account details every time you set up a standing order.
screenshot image of recipients section
  • You can delete unused recipients from your list.

  • You can easily spot pending payments to your recipients – and cancel these if needed.
screenshot image of cofirmation screen
  • You’ll get payment confirmation at a glance.

  • You can print this off for your records or to share with the recipient.

What’s coming in the future?

Getting your payment where it’s meant to go...


…in the safest possible way


Getting your payment where it’s meant to go... 

After 1 January 2020, some UK banks will start to introduce Confirmation of Payee checks. This is a new name checking service which has been designed to help protect you against fraud when setting up or amending a payment. 

To make sure you receive payments on time, always give the correct account name to the person or business making a payment to you.


See what's changing

…in the safest possible way 

When making payments for the first time, you’ll need to use a card reader.

So if you haven’t got one already – make sure you order one now