Making Payments Online

What you can do in Business Internet Banking

  • Make payments and transfers in one place
  • Pay suppliers or bills on the same day or up to 31 days in the future
  • Make up to 25 payments at once
  • Set up and manage standing orders
  • Add or delete recipients
  • Manage your pending payments

What’s changing?

screenshot image of make payment
  • You can make payments and transfers in the same place.

  • Simply click ‘Payments and transfers’ in your account menu to get started.
screenshot image of payments and transfers screen
  • The new look makes everything clearer and simpler to follow.
screenshot image of standing order option
  • You can turn a one-off payment into a standing order with a single click.

  • There’s no need to enter an existing recipient’s account details every time you set up a standing order.
screenshot image of recipients section
  • You can delete unused recipients from your list.

  • You can easily spot pending payments to your recipients – and cancel these if needed.
screenshot image of cofirmation screen
  • You’ll get payment confirmation at a glance.

  • You can print this off for your records or to share with the recipient.