Scottish property developer going green with new Dunfermline development

A Scottish family-run property developer is establishing strong green credentials with a new eco-friendly development in Fife.

Premier Homes Scotland has completed the first two high-end properties of a new four-home development on Townhill Road in Dunfermline, suitable for families and professionals. The site is due to complete by August.

The new development is the first project from the business - which is owned by husband and wife Steve and Carol Williams - and has a strong focus on sustainability.

Each property is equipped with solar panels, under-floor heating, high efficiency boilers and thicker insulation to ensure an A-rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

To support the development, Premier Homes Scotland approached Bank of Scotland and received a six-figure funding package via the Clean Growth Financing Initiative (CGFI) which provides discounted lending to help firms invest in sustainable projects.

The business plans to build a second eight-home development in Dunfermline with further details to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Steve Williams, managing director at Premier Homes Scotland, said: “Over the past few years there’s been a real surge in demand for sustainable homes. Our ambition is to help homeowners in Fife achieve exactly that with a range of eco-friendly properties.

“The support from Bank of Scotland has been a massive boost and critical in helping us to achieve this goal. With the funding, we’ve been able to fit the homes with a range of cutting-edge, energy efficient features and ensure a low carbon footprint for these properties.”

Louise Fraser, relationship manager at Bank of Scotland, said: “The pandemic has forced many people to reconsider where they are living and more people are searching for additional space for home offices or gardens as they embrace home working.

“Many people are consequently searching for properties outside the city and Fife has become an increasingly popular destination for many, making this new development incredibly timely.” 

New houses being constructed

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