Online marketing

Meeting your customers where they are.

The UK has the highest percentage of ecommerce users in Europe. With 81% of individuals buying online in 2015, the opportunity ecommerce presents to your organisation is huge.* Tap into this growing audience and strengthen your brand by taking advantage of cost -effective digital marketing opportunities.

Key points

  • Reach large audiences cost-effectively with social media and ‘viral’ marketing.
  • Consider channels like pay-per-click and social media advertising.
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to boost your reputation.
  • Use email to update customers on new products and offers.

Take a look at all the different advertising platforms and register for the ones that will best suit the nature of your business.

Why do it?

Broaden your horizons

Increase sales or donations through your website by appealing to a larger target audience. This could also boost traffic via the phone or footfall in store.

Get clear, measurable results

You can measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns more accurately than many traditional channels thanks to tools like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics†.

Target specific customer groups

It's often easier to direct your company's message to specific audiences online than through print or TV advertising.

You can target:

  • Prospective customers in your area using location-based marketing tools like Google Apps for Business and Foursquare for Business†.
  • By demographics (interests, age, etc.) through social media advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads†.
  • People who are searching particular words or phrases in search engines - find out more about improving search engine ranking.
Make the most of money-saving opportunities

Make sure you maximise 'free' opportunities, such as creating and maintaining quality, relevant content on your site. If your content has words or phrases that customers are looking for, a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo! will be more likely to prioritise it in search results. See our Digital Knowhow on improving search engine ranking.

Making the most of free or low-cost online marketing opportunities will help you:

  • Manage your costs - targeting customers and measuring results precisely online can help you maximise your return on investment (ROI).
  • Cost-effectively reach a large audience - using social media and 'viral' marketing, where you create engaging messages that customers share with others, can give you lots of reach for relatively little outlay.
  • Produce your marketing in-house - unlike print or TV advertising, it's possible to create online marketing campaigns yourself, reducing your reliance on marketing agencies. Managing Google Ads and social media is relatively simple, although professional help is easy to find.

How do I do it?

Choose the right online channel

Take a look at all the different advertising platforms and register for the ones that will best suit the nature of your business. The channels you use will dictate the type of creative media you need.

Popular channels include:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) adverts - these are where you pay a set amount every time your advert is clicked on by someone. Examples of these are BingAds and Google Adwords.
  • Cost-per-action or Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) adverts - you pay a set fee every time a consumer clicks on your ad and then goes on to do a specified task, such as purchase from your website. So you only pay for the ad when you get a sale.
  • Display ads - these are usually banners or sidebar images appearing on other websites that your prospective customers may visit. Social media ads - these appear to your target demographic on social media sites. Examples of these are Facebook Ads and promoted Tweets.
  • Affiliate advertising - you pay commission on sales of your products or services made via advertising on someone else's website.
Create your own media or buy it in

As well as making the most of the free opportunities (see above), you can also create marketing copy and artwork in-house, or hire copywriters, graphic designers, web developers or full-service digital agencies to develop your marketing communications for you.

  • Optimise for search engines - it's good to make the most of 'free' opportunities, such as maintaining good quality content on your website, along with paying for targeted online advertising. Content that has words or phrases that people are searching for is more likely to be prioritised by search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!. See our Digital Knowhow on improving search engine rankings for more information.
Tap in to social media

As well as buying social media advertising, you can create your own cost-effective brand promotions using your online profile.

  • Encourage conversations with your customers by using hashtags on Twitter, such as the 'Follow Friday' hashtag, #FF, allowing people to easily recommend you to their followers.
  • Attract more followers and engage existing customers with offers, giveaways and competitions.
  • You can use social media to give your reputation a boost by providing excellent customer service. Followers will see how you treat your customers, improving your brand perception.

Find out more in our Digital Knowhow on making the most of social media.

Email marketing

Keep potential/existing customers updated on your latest products and offers by sending out regular emails prompting them to visit your website. If you need help, try an automated email marketing service like MailChimp or Constant Contact.


†Please note that these are just examples of the types of advertising/marketing platforms available and Lloyds Banking Group does not endorse the services they provide.

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