Employing staff

When you need more helping hands.

If your business is successful it’s likely that you’ll need to employ a team of people – whether small or large – to help you operate and deliver the best possible service to your customers. Becoming an employer brings a whole new set of responsibilities and challenges. Our guide takes a look at key areas including employment law, payroll systems and how to motivate your team.

Employment law

When you employ someone you take on legal responsibilities from ensuring the person has the right to work in the UK to matters of equality and discrimination. Our 'Employment Law' guide covers:

  • writing an employment contract
  • paying the essentials, from tax to sick pay
  • staff welfare, including Health & Safety and maternity leave.

Payroll systems

A good business pays its staff the correct amount and on time. We take you through your payroll responsibilities and some options that can help you deal with staff pay. We look at:

  • payroll options including software packages and outsourcing
  • keeping records
  • your legal responsibilities.

Mental health in the workplace

Employers have an important role to play in supporting the wellbeing and mental health of employees. Learn more about:

  • making practical steps to improve workplace mental health
  • the positive financial impact this could have on your business
  • where to find further information, tools and advice.

Motivating and retaining key staff

Employment is a partnership. You expect performance and commitment from your staff. They expect to be valued and motivated to do their best. We take a look at:

  • why it's important to retain staff
  • how to agree goals and reward employees
  • how to motivate staff and give constructive feedback.

Equality Act: Guidance for small business

Find out how the 2010 Equality Act relates to your business and what you need to do stay within the law. Find practical guidance on:

  • managing recruitment and promotion
  • your responsibilities as an employer and service provider
  • case studies with examples.

A guide to business and human rights

Find out how your business can identify and manage human rights issues as well as exploring:

  • human rights explained – why they matter for business
  • six steps to identifying, monitoring and remedying human rights risks
  • your responsibilities to protect the human rights of customers and staff.

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