About your account

Everything you need to know about moving your account to Bank of Scotland, security tips, information about compensation arrangements and how we will resolve complaints with you.

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Interest Rates and Charges

Interest Rates, Account Services and Charges and Online Service Charges. 

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Core Banking Agreement - Terms and Conditions

To make your Terms and Conditions easier to use and understand we have rewritten them, reducing duplication and simplifying language wherever possible. The Core Banking Agreement (The Agreement) is the collective name for the documents that form your contractual agreement with us.

A - Z listing - Products and Services Terms and Conditions

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Audit Requests

Provides information about Bank of Scotland Corporate Markets plc audit requests.

Authority to Debit Percentage Sweep

Balance on the lead/originating account is maintained at a target balance with funds in excess of that target being physically swept on a predetermined schedule and percentage basis to designated recipient accounts.



The UK's low value direct and indirect payments service providing a 3 day processing cycle.

Bulk Cash Till Service

Bulk Cash Till Delivery service is a facility for customers who regularly undertake cash withdrawals. The service is operated in conjunction with accredited third party security carrier for cash transportation and provides a secure, efficient and cost effective method of withdrawing cash

Business Travel Solution

The Terms and Conditions, Conditions of Use and Charges Schedule that apply to Business Travel Solution (BTS) Sterling, Euro and US Dollar accounts. BTS is designed to make the payment, management and reconciliation of employee travel expenses more efficient when using a Travel Management Company.


CB Markets Deposit Product Factsheets

Client Banking Introducer Agreement

Client Money

Corporate MultiPay

The Terms and Conditions, Conditions of Use and Charges Schedule that apply to Corporate MultiPay Sterling, Euro and US Dollar accounts. Colleagues can use the card to purchase travel and entertainment as well as business supplies.


Deputyship & Appointeeship Debit Card


ePay Virtual

The Terms and Conditions, Conditions of Use and Charges Schedule apply to ePay Virtual Sterling, Euro and US Dollar accounts. ePay Virtual provides enhanced levels of control and reconciliation on your employees online and card-not-present business spend.