Pullet Finance

As poultry farmers adapt to heightened bio-security concerns and growing financial pressures in a highly competitive market, prudent cash flow planning is critical for the sustainability of egg producers. 

Based on our deep understanding of the farming sector, we have developed a Pullet Finance solution to support farmers in the egg production industry with funding to match the laying cycle.

With egg production starting after a new flock of hens settles in, and fewer farmers able to rotate birds so that they always have at least one productive flock, cash flow challenges can impact significantly on working capital.

Our Pullet Finance solution can help alleviate the financial strain because you start paying for your birds as they start laying eggs and producing income.

How does Pullet Finance work?

  • Short-term loan to finance your flock requirements
  • Two-month capital repayment holiday at the start
  • Your loan repayment is timed with the income you receive from selling eggs
  • Typical terms of up to 14 months
  • Separate financial packages for every flock

Who is Pullet Finance aimed at?

If you are new to the poultry industry, or an existing egg producer with a proven track record, Pullet Finance can help you optimise your cash flow over the lifetime of each flock and control future business growth.

What are the benefits?

  • Pullet Finance can help alleviate working capital pressure
  • Frees up cash flow otherwise tied up in new birds
  • Access to capital to pay for larger flocks
  • Provides you with capital to invest in your business
  • Flexible funding to suit producer requirements

Committed to Britain’s egg producers

We are committed to supporting Britain’s farmers and to developing finance solutions that support the needs of the poultry industry. Pullet Finance is a specialist offering providing finance to egg producers in advance of the sales cycle.


For more information about Pullet Finance please speak to your local Agricultural Relationship Manager contact us page