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Our team works exclusively within the manufacturing sector, providing tailored services and ongoing support.

When you need a bank that understands manufacturing

Whatever you need funding for, we have a range of lending products that can help to ease your cash flow or support your longer term investment plans.

Key Features

  • Our bespoke manufacturing loan can support your plans for business expansion
  • Get tailored funding to grow and strengthen your business
  • Discover more rewarding ways to save and invest with specialist accounts and deposits
  • Spread the cost of new equipment and machinery with asset finance packages
  • Work closely with an accredited relationship manager who understands the manufacturing sector
  • Take advantage of government schemes designed to support manufacturers..
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  • Forging strong relationships with our clients lies at the heart of our service to manufacturers. Our specially trained relationship managers will get to know your business and develop a banking package that is suited to your individual requirements.

    Located across the country and accredited by the Warwick Manufacturing Group, our managers have sector specific knowledge and an innate understanding of the Scottish manufacturing sector.

    We are constantly building our knowledge of the sector, including:

    • Collaboration with the University of Warwick to create a sector-specific training programme
    • Improving our understanding of business management strategies such as 6 Sigma and 5S
    • Enhancing our knowledge of manufacturing supply chains
    • Ensuring we are informed of all government initiatives for the sector
    • Engaging in site visits to learn about best practices and potential risks.
  • Working with manufacturers, government agencies and finance providers has strengthened our links with a number of such organisations, including:

    • Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service
    • Scottish Engineering
    • Business Growth Fund
    • Lloyds Development Capital
    • Department of Trade and Industry
    •  Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation (formerly known as EEF)
    • Manufacturing Technologies Association.

    These relationships have deepened our understanding of the industry and allowed us to offer a more customised service.

  • The government has made a number of moves to improve access to lending, tax relief and professional advice for manufacturers. However, these schemes can be confusing.

    Our access to a range of sector specialists means our relationship managers are able to deliver this knowledge through site visits, customer meetings and referrals.

  • Banking for manufacturers

    We understand that manufacturing businesses have unique banking needs. Whether it’s assisting with cashflow needs, financing growth or acquisitions, our manufacturing trained managers can provide guidance to help find the most appropriate plan.

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    We offer a range of products and services designed to support British manufacturers.

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