Amend signatory access to your account

You can complete our online Mandate Variation form to request various changes including who can operate your accounts, what they can do and amend their Online for Business access.

Here are some of the changes you can make

  • Update your mailing address - Change the address where all correspondence relating to your account is sent.
  • Change your signing instructions - Tell us how many signatories are needed for payment tasks such as cheque authorisation and in-branch payments as well as updating how many signatories are needed to authorise non-payment activities such as account changes.
  • Add or remove individuals and signatories - Add individuals to your bank mandate as either Full Power signatory(s), Limited Power signatory(s) or as non-signatory(s). You can also remove signatories and non-signatories from your bank mandate. If you are registered for Internet Banking follow the steps below.
  • Amend existing users Online for Business access - Change their access levels and/or status to define what accounts they have access to. You can also de-register and remove users form Online for Business.

Registered for Internet Banking – You can now create and submit your request in Internet Banking.

Simply log in below, select the ‘admin’ tab, under ‘user access settings’ choose ‘manage access to account’ and select the changes you wish to make.

Before you start…

You’ll need the full name, UK mobile number and email address of the new person.

You’ll need at least one of these:

  • A one-time code we will send to your mobile
  • An image or scan clearly showing both your signature and a reference we’ll provide.


Not registered for Internet Banking

Before you start....

You'll need the following details:

  • Your mobile number and email address 
  • Business sort code and account number
  • Personal details for any new people you are adding (including full names, dates of birth, 3-year personal address history)

Mandate Variation Form

Please note: this form will be blocked on a mobile phone to ensure our customers can clearly read all the information. You can use a laptop, desktop or tablet with an up to date browser. 

Complete your request in 3 easy steps

Step 1 - Create a request

Create your request and once completed you will be able to generate a PDF form.

Step 2 - Download & print

Download the completed PDF to your device and print it out.

Step 3 - Get signatures & post

Collect all the required signatures and post the request using the address provided on the form.

  • Unable to collect all the signatures?

    If you’re unable to collect the two full power signatures required to authorise your Mandate Variation request you will need to complete a Resolution.

    For Companies, Limited Liability Partnership’s and Club, Charity and Society accounts complete the following steps, using the relevant template below:

    1. Download the relevant PDF template below
    2. Copy the PDF contents into a word processing document
    3. Complete the Resolution using the guidance provided in the PDF
    4. Collect the required signatures
    5. Post the completed form to:

      Bank of Scotland,
      Business Banking,
      PO Box 1984,
      SP10 9GZ

    For Public Limited Companies and Private Limited Companies:
    Companies template (PDF)

    For Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Partnerships:
    Limited Liability Partnership’s template (PDF)

    For Club, Charity and Societies:
    Club, Charity and Societies' template (PDF)

    • It’s easier to complete the form using a PC or laptop.
    • You can save your work as you go and can come back later to complete if needed (up to 14 days later).  When you’re ready you can then generate the printable form.
    • Once you have generated your printable Mandate Variation PDF, you will be able to download it up to 28 days later.
    • To ensure your details are safe, if you’re away for 20 minutes or more your session will time out and you’ll need to start again.