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What is the International Trade Portal?

The International Trade Portal is free to use for all businesses, even if you aren’t a Bank of Scotland customer. Once registered, benefit from unlimited access.

  • Find new trading partners
    Through our databases of 1 million buyers and suppliers, find your new international trade opportunity.
  • Access international market insights
    Understand your market with over 25,000 sector specific market reports.

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Key features

  • Identify the right markets for your business and understand where in the world there is demand for your products.
  • Check accurate regulatory information, including import/export controls, shipping requirements and essential documentation
  • Gauge the best international trends and get to know the business environments with full trade profiles and economic outlines of each country.
  • Find new opportunities to grow your business through a live tender database.
  • Assess the costs with our calculators to forecast export prices and import costs, factor in local duties and shipping rates whilst converting between currencies.

Access the International Trade Portal

Access the International Trade Portal

Make use of your free account and find your business’ next  international trade opportunity.

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