Specialist teams

Our specialist teams have expert knowledge across a huge range of sectors. Together, they help businesses like yours manage their risk, achieve liquidity and support their growth ambitions.

  • We understand that the aerospace and defence sector depends on the health of the world economy. Liquidity and cash preservation are critical as well as tight working capital management. Because we’re aware of the specific issues you face, we can provide you with tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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  • We offer a range of commercial banking products and services that take account of the economic cycle and how that can impact your business. We’re here to help you take advantage of opportunities, with specialists who know the way the industry works.

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  • As a leading provider of banking services in the education, community and government sectors we build long-lasting relationships. Our local teams of specialists can provide tailored services to help you grow your business. From optimising your liquidity, to managing your supply chain and your working capital, we’re there to help when you need us.

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  • With technological advances, economic pressures and environmental factors driving rapid change across the industry, the demand to develop and deliver new methods for generating energy has never been greater.

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  • Our global specialist financial institutions team works with some of the biggest banks and financial institutions around the world.

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  • Our specialist teams understand that the Food and Drink sector needs the support of a bank which supports customers through the tough and changeable conditions.

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Our People

Gordon Rate
Gordon Rate Head of Scotland – SME & Corporate Financial Markets

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Nick Laird
Nick Laird Regional Managing Director, Commercial Banking, Bank of Scotland

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Jane Clark-Hutchinson
Jane Clark-Hutchinson Regional Director, Mid Markets, Commercial Banking

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Tony Oakley
Tony Oakley Head of Social Housing, Mid Markets, Commercial Banking, Bank of Scotland

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Stuart White
Stuart White Regional Director, North of Scotland, Commercial Banking, Bank of Scotland

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Colin Walls
Colin Walls Head of Trading and Working Capital, Commercial Banking, Bank of Scotland

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Fraser Sime
Fraser Sime Director, SME Banking, Bank of Scotland

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Gillian Henderson
Gillian Henderson Commercial Director, Commercial Banking, Bank of Scotland

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Pete Flockhart
Pete Flockhart Regional Relationship Director, Commercial Banking

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