Supporting your organisation

Whether you’re a charity, community group or another kind of not-for-profit organisation operating in Scotland, we’re here to provide guidance and support to help manage your banking more effectively. That means you can focus on delivering the things that are most important to your organisation.


An overview of some of the tools and services we offer to help you manage your finances more effectively.

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Whatever your goals, we offer a range of products and services that can help you manage and grow your organisation.


Whether you’re just starting out or have been running for some time, you’ll find guidance to help support the day-to-day running of your organisation.

Managing your finances more effectively

Register for Internet Banking

Save time and stay in control of your finances with our easy to use Internet Banking service. Get direct access to your accounts, transactions and statements, as well as making payments – meaning no waiting in line or on the phone.

Manage access to Internet Banking

As well as choosing who has access to your accounts, you can also select the level of access for each individual. Set up multiple users and make sure they have the right level of access to support the management of your finances.

Manage access to your accounts: changing your mandate

A mandate shows who’s named on your organisation’s account and what they’re able to do. Adding someone to your mandate means you can let them make payments, talk to us about transactions, access Internet Banking and apply for products.

Online Payment Control

Online Payment Control helps you manage who can make and approve payments within our Internet Banking service. You can set all payments to be approved by two or three users – ideal if you need more than one person to authorise payments.

Mobile Banking App

Manage your accounts on the go with our Mobile Banking App. You can pay in cheques – without the need to visit a branch, easily search for transactions, make payments, transfer money and lots more.

Deposit cheques

Depositing cheques via the Mobile Banking App is easy and means you don’t need to make a trip into a branch. Find out how in this step-by-step guide.

Debit Cards

Easily withdraw cleared funds, check your balance and make contactless payments using a Debit Card.

Post Office® counter services

Did you know, you may be able to do some banking at your local Post Office®? Deposit cash and cheques, check your balance, withdraw money using your Business Debit Card and exchange cash for coins.

Banking online

Banking online is safe and simple with our Mobile App or browser.


Mobile Banking App

Scan to download our app

  • Easy to use
  • Log on while on the move
  • Your bank details are secure at all times

How to set up the app

Products and services to manage and grow your organisation

Free accounting software

Manage your bookkeeping, reporting and expenses all in one place with our free accounting software. Create multiple user profiles within your organisation with different access levels and much more. Ts & Cs apply.

Insurance to protect your organisation

Protect your organisation from day-to-day risks, ranging from equipment and property damage to claims raised against your organisation or staff. Choose from a range of cover based on your needs.

Savings and deposits

If you have surplus cash, why not make it work harder for you with a savings account or Fixed Term Deposit. Choose the option that’s right for you based on the amount you want to save and how quickly you want to access your money. Use Internet Banking to apply and manage your savings and deposits easily.

Payment solutions

Whether you’re taking card payments or donations online, in person or over the phone, Lloyds Bank Cardnet® provides a wide range of card readers and payment solutions to suit your needs.

Guidance to help the day-to-day running of your charity or organisation 

Online digital skills training

The Bank of Scotland Academy provides a wide range of online lessons and resources. Learn how to use technology to improve efficiency and how to tell your story – promoting the work your organisation does.

Protect yourself from fraud

Whether you’re a charity or another kind of not-for-profit, keeping your organisation safe from fraud is key. Use our training and guides to find out how scams work and how you can protect yourself against them.

9 ways to improve cash flow

From good forecasting, scenario planning and getting paid promptly, there are ways to inject cash into your organisation and better manage your cash flow.

Taking payments online – how the process works

Taking donations and payments online from donors, members and customers can help you work more efficiently. It’s important to understand the benefits and how the process of taking payments online works.

Managing rising costs and uncertainty

With the rising cost of living, the cost of managing your organisation rises too. There are steps you can take to manage the impact of rising costs and we have a range of guidance and products available to support you.

How to talk about mental health

Mental health is just as important as physical health but it can be much more difficult to talk about. It’s important to support colleagues and volunteers with their mental health and wellbeing in a safe, sensitive and helpful way.

Open an account 

Don’t already have an account with us? We have options to suit different types of organisations. The account that’s best suited to you will depend on your annual turnover. If your annual turnover is under £50,000, our Treasurer’s Account could be the right one for you. If your turnover is £50,000 or over, you’ll need a Business Account. You can find out about both and apply using the links below.

Treasurer’s Account

Our Treasurer’s Account is designed specifically for charities and not-for-profit organisations with an annual turnover of less than £50,000.

Business Account

If your annual turnover is £50,000 or more, you may need a Business Account.