Why Use A Business Card

A Bank of Scotland Business Debit Card and Business Charge Card can deliver many benefits for your business, from providing flexibility over your payments and control over business expenses to enhancing security.

Our Business Charge Card also allows you to take advantage of up to 45 days’ interest free credit, helping improve cash flow management. You can also issue trusted employees with additional Business Charge Cards to spend on behalf of the business in a controlled manner as individual limits are set per card.

  • If you use a Business Card, you’ll help protect your personal credit rating and safeguard your home finances in cases of fraud or unexpected expenses.

    It is also better commercial practice and helps keep your business expenses separate. This is important for VAT and accounting purposes. Using a Business Card helps to safeguard your personal credit rating, because personal funds are not being used for business purposes. We issue Business Cards on an assessment of the suitability of your business and not the individual.

  • You can limit the number of personnel who can view your business account details and balances, and with our Business Charge Card, you can set limits on the amount each employee can spend on each card to help prevent misuse or overspending.

  • You can save on transaction fees, receive detailed statements and pay a single bill each month. A Business Charge Card can also ease your cash flow, with up to 45 days’ interest free credit available, and prevent unexpected outgoings, while freeing up your overdraft to cover more urgent expenditure.

  • Using a Business Charge Card alongside other bank products could make good financial sense with your cost per transaction often lower than a cheque payment*.

    The cost of Business Charge Card transactions is lower than the cost of withdrawing cash, and the card can help you achieve more efficient cash flow, with just one monthly payment covering all your business expenses and up to 45 days’ interest free credit before payment. This can allow you to bridge the gap between customer payments coming in and business expenses going out.

  • By using our Business Charge Cards, you’ll help to ease cash flow and improve personal and business security. The card can also help you make payments globally, wherever you see the MasterCard sign**, and our monthly statements can help you track and reconcile your expenditure more easily.

    A Business Charge Card can also help you build a better credit score for your business. This is important for new or growing enterprises, which may need access to credit at a later date to support their future growth.

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Card applications

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All lending is subject to a satisfactory credit assessment and we will need your permission to carry out a credit check on you and your business.

You should not apply for an amount that you cannot comfortably afford to repay now and in the future to avoid the possibility of legal action.

All lending is subject to status. Security may be required.

We adhere to The Standards of Lending Practice which are monitored and enforced by the LSB: www.lendingstandardsboard.org.uk

*Depending on your Business Current Account tariff.

**Merchant charges may apply.

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