What you can do online

It’s easy to manage your business finances with Business Internet Banking. Discover what you can do online with our list of helpful features below.

Stay on top of your finances

  • View all your business accounts in one place
  • Check your balance and recent transactions
  • View, search and download statements
  • See upcoming payments and balance forecasts to stay one step ahead of your finances. 

You can stay in control on the move with our mobile banking app. Plus, our integrated Business Finance Assistant makes your accounting simple.

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Manage access

Control who can access and make payments in Business Internet Banking. There’s a range of options for user access and online payment control that lets your business keep moving with the right checks and balances in place. Once set up, you can manage payment controls online.

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Make payments

With Business Internet Banking you can:

  • Send money to domestic and international accounts of up to £250,000 per day at the press of a button.
  • Pay your salaries and suppliers at once with bulk payments
  • Add, delete and manage your address book of payment recipients
  • Set up one-off and recurring payments for the future
  • Transfer between your accounts and set up regular savings
  • Manage standing orders and Direct Debits.

To protect you against fraud, there’s a 60-minute delay on payments over £5,000 to new recipients.

Learn more about payments or discover our step-by-step payment guides.

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Manage your account

  • Check and update your account details online
  • Change your logon and contact details
  • Sign up to paper-free settings with our digital inbox
  • Order replacement cards, card readers and cheque books
  • Rename your accounts
  • Update your business address.
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Apply for financial products 

Get quick access to a number of financial products through Business Internet Banking – they’ll help give your business the support and flexibility to grow.

You can apply for a business overdraft, savings accounts, loans, credit and charge cards, asset and invoice finance, as well as a selection of business insurances.

How we protect your business 

We use leading security technology and fraud prevention techniques to protect you and your money online.

  • Secure log in – you can create a secure link between your trusted device and your Online Banking profile. Each time you log in, the digits we’ll ask for from your memorable information will be different.
  • Automatic log out – you can set up how long your online banking session stays inactive before it logs you out.
  • Fraud detection – we monitor your account(s) for any unusual activity.
  • Account suspension – we’ll temporarily disable your account(s) after a number of incorrect logon attempts, in case fraudsters are trying to guess your details.
  • Fraud guarantee – if you become a victim of fraud, we’ll refund your money as long as you’ve been careful.
  • Confirmation of payee – When you add a new payee, we automatically check the payment details match our records to make sure you’re paying the right person or business. Learn more about confirmation of payee.
  • Strong customer authentication – new industry regulation means you may see an extra security check when you buy something online. Find out more about strong customer authentication.

Learn more about online security.

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