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Taking advantage of today’s fast-moving marketplace means having intuitive online banking services.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of services with your needs in mind, helping you effectively carry out your online business.. We provide day-to-day banking, cash management and payments, as well as more complex trading and FX solutions.

Corporate Online

Corporate Online is an online banking channel, which gives you total control across virtually an unlimited number of accounts. You can use it for cash management and financial reporting, as well as cost-effective payment processing. Corporate Online also provides access to live treasury rates for both international payments and cross-currency inter-account transfers.


Our online trading solution Arena gives you all the tools you need for trading foreign exchange and money market deposits in a secure, real-time environment. You can:

  • trade FX products such as spot, forwards, time options, swaps and block trades effectively using competitive, live-streaming FX pricing
  • trade money market deposits from overnight to a year, in both standard and non-standard periods
  • access real time rates, charting, risk analytics tools and economic research to help you decide the optimum time to trade.

Online trade services

Online trade services is straightforward, secure and cost-effective, enabling you to improve the way you initiate and receive trade transactions.

As well as creating customised reports you can electronically initiate, access and manage trade activity such as:

  • instructing international payments with pre-booked treasury rates
  • importing and exporting
  • documentary credits
  • import and export collections
  • standby letters of credit
  • guarantees.

All applications for our products and services are subject to eligibility criteria.

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