There has been a fundamental shift in business attitudes towards sustainability. No longer is it seen as separate to growing a business, but instead an instrumental component to achieving a competitive edge. Hear from experts and customers as they discuss the opportunities and challenges facing you and your organisation’s journey to net zero.

Season 1. Episode 1: Rethinking Corporate Sustainability

Lindsay Hooper

Lindsay Hooper, Executive Director at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, details the shifting corporate attitudes towards building sustainable practices into future-ready business models. Lindsay points out the most common challenges and provides practical steps businesses should take on their road to net zero.

Season 1. Episode 2: Investing In Sustainability

Alexis Rosenblum

BlackRock’s Alexis Rosenblum, Chief Corporate Sustainability Officer, discusses the challenges with new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and how important clear and consistent reporting is in the investment process. She also offers guidance for businesses on their own sustainability journey.

Season 1. Episode 3: The Green Buildings Commitment

Julie Hirigoyen

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at the UK Green Building Council, explains why the built environment is a key priority on the road to net zero, what the key attributes are affecting the carbon footprint of a building and the impact of new ways of working on sustainability.

Season 1. Episode 4: A Sustainable Future

Sam Gardner

Sam Gardner, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability at ScottishPower acknowledges the challenges, but demonstrates the enormous opportunities for corporates and their supply chains as we tackle climate change together. His views on COP26 are also shared.

Season 1. Episode 5: Creating A Sustainable Business Model

Johan Huibers

Johan Huibers, Managing Director of Tamar Nurseries, an SME with sustainability at the heart of their business model. Johan shares his passion for going green, along with invaluable learnings for other SMEs.

Sustainability Voices: Road to Net Zero - Season 2

Season 2 speaks to experts and customers on how businesses should keep 1.5 alive to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

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Energy-Efficiency Tool

A digital tool that can help you identify energy-efficient investments in your buildings.

From Now to Net Zero: A Practical Guide for SMEs

Small and medium-sized businesses play a vital role in sustainability and the journey to net zero. Our research report outlines a five-step plan for SMEs to get on that journey.