Consumer & Technology

Our teams support a range of clients in the consumer & technology sector. We’re ideally placed to support you in a sector which is heavily impacted by regulatory change and shifts in consumer habits.

Food, Drink & Leisure

Lloyds Banking Group has a long track record of supporting UK and international clients in this sector. We are committed to helping our customers continue to grow their businesses in a global market place.

We understand the many challenges facing our clients. The sector faces regulatory and cost pressures from numerous sources. Consumer appetites shift constantly, and ‘well-being’ and ‘green’ products continue to rise in prominence. We recognise these challenges, and work with our clients to find the right solution to support sustainable long term growth. We work with clients throughout the supply chain from UK farmers through to restaurants, pubs, travel and entertainment companies. We’re well placed to understand the needs of operators in this sector.


The healthcare industry is a strong growth sector. Understanding the needs of an expanding – and ageing – population, and keeping pace with regulatory change are key to success. Our expert team understands the challenges and opportunities in this sector.

Retail & Consumer Goods

This is an exciting time to be working in the retail sector. Rapid technological change, the growth of internet retail, and changing consumer behaviour are just a few challenges that all retailers must grapple with today. Seasonality and shifting consumer preferences mean that it’s imperative for businesses to manage their working capital effectively. Our team of experts work with clients across the sector and through the whole value chain, wherever they are in the world. Our key clients include supermarkets, department stores, fashion brands and wholesalers. We’ve built up a huge store of knowledge by working with retailers.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

The telecoms, media and technology industry is a high-growth sector and important driver of economic growth.

Greater connectivity, changing consumption patterns and increasing reliance on eco-systems are all changing the sector quickly. The future market will be shaped by regulatory change, M&A activity, and high levels of spending on capital assets and R&D. Our teams are well positioned to help our clients to navigate these challenges.

We use our industry expertise to support clients by providing solutions for risk management, financing, working capital and liquidity. We help to facilitate growth and manage sector-specific risks. Our teams are based in London and New York, and we’re supported by offices in Europe and Singapore. We provide clients with a whole range of services, from funding and liquidity strategies, through to hedging strategies and risk management.


We are committed to supporting the telecommunications sector. Our clients’ infrastructure and services are essential to the success of economies around the world.

To meet the challenges posed by the current market, our clients are focusing more and more on capital structure, working capital, risk and liquidity. We are experts at implementing financial solutions for our clients. We help our clients to maintain capital efficiency, and we make sure that they are insulated from the most significant financial risks.


The media sector is growing as never before. As technology and channels develop, consumers enjoy increasingly rich and novel experiences. Media owners need to consider the challenge posed by this proliferation of channels. This may demand significant shifts to their business models. Our expert team helps media clients to achieve their business goals by providing solutions to optimise their balance sheets, liquidity, and risk profiles.


Technology is a rapidly changing and often volatile sector. Our clients face a number of competing priorities, including the need to invest in R&D, capital assets and intellectual property. At the same time, our clients need to closely manage liquidity and ensure cash is available to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Our relationship-led approach means we take the time to understand our clients’ issues. We work closely with our product experts to deliver solutions that add value throughout the economic cycle. This allows us to help our clients to develop a long-term funding approach that lets them achieve their goals.

Our people

Zahra Sadry
Zahra Sadry Managing Director, Head of Consumer Technology

Zahra joined us in November 2021 as Managing Director of Consumer Technology.

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