Bacs Direct

A quick and easy way to make and collect payments automatically.

Bacs is a simple to use, cost effective funds transfer service. It allows you to make regular or occasional electronic payments directly into bank and building society accounts. As well as salaries and wages, you can also use Bacs Direct to make or receive payments such as insurance premiums, subscriptions, pensions, or employee expenses.

Key Features

  • Saves time and administration costs.
  • Funds are available for use as soon as they reach your account.
  • Improves debtor control.

You can apply by calling our Bacs Service Unit on 0870 850 0631

    • No software required.
    • Make payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Accounts are credited and debited on the same day.
    • Save money through less paperwork, postage and stationery.
    • View all your payment transactions on line for up to 90 days.
    • Negotiate more favourable payment terms by paying more efficiently.
    • Better cashflow management – you’ll know exactly when funds will leave your account.
    • Debtor control is improved, as you are notified of unpaid debits quickly.
    • Saves time and administration costs.
    • Your account charges explained leaflet (PDF)
  • How Bacs works

    There is a standard 3-day cycle for Bacs payments:

    • Day 1: you request a payment before 3.30pm (by fax) / 5pm (by telephone) and the request is processed.
    • Day 2: the file is transmitted to the recipient’s bank.
    • Day 3: funds are debited from your account and credited to the recipient’s account and the payment is complete.

    Cut Off Times

    Bacs payments received by 3.30pm (by fax) / 5pm (by telephone) will be processed that day. Any payments received after 3.30pm (by fax) / 5pm (by telephone) will be processed on the next banking business day which will then be Day 1 in the cycle.

    How to make Bacs payments

    There are a number of different ways to make Bacs payments shown below – for the best solution for your business, please talk to your Relationship Manager.

    Business Internet Banking

    You can make single Bacs payments online through Business Internet Banking. Businesses can have up to 50 beneficiaries set up online at any given point. Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, occasionally we may need to carry out essential maintenance, resulting in some interruption to service.

    Corporate Online

    You can make single and multiple Bacs payments through Corporate Online. Corporate Online is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, there may be times when the system is unavailable due to essential maintenance.

    Telephone Banking

    You can request single Bacs payments through Telephone Banking by calling 0345 300 0268.


    If your business makes regular high volume Bacs payments (over 200 transactions per month) BACSTEL-IP offers a direct and indirect service.

    You can either:

    • submit your payment files directly to Bacs Ltd from your own site – you'll need a PC, modem and Bacs approved BACSTEL-IP software
    • or if you'd prefer not to buy the software you can outsource the processing of your payment files to an approved Bureau.

    Either way, the data transfer is fast, secure and reliable, and you will also benefit from online reporting and confirmation receipts.

    Bacs Direct Debit

    Your customers fill in a Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) giving their name, their bank's address and account details. When the DDI is complete, a collection date is agreed and the form signed.

    Once your company wants to collect a payment from a customer, you create an electronic file and send the Direct Debit data to Bacs. This can be done directly, via the Bacstel IP software, or indirectly, through a Bacs Bureaux.

    Costs for purchasing the Bacstel-IP software or making use of a Bacs Bureau may prove expensive if your business only makes a small number of Bacs payments, so please consult your Relationship Manager for guidance.

  • When you join the Bacs service we will charge you a registration fee. We will also charge transactional fees for each file (batch) and each item processed.

    Your set-up costs and associated fees for Bacs will then depend on whether you choose to become a direct or indirect submitter.

    Speak to one of our Business Managers about the most suitable method for your business or call our Bacs Service Unit on 0870 850 0631.

  • By phone

    Existing customers

    Call our Bacs Service Unit on 0870 850 0631

    New customers

    If you'd like to bank with us call 0345 606 0286


By phone

Existing customers

Call our Bacs Service Unit on 0870 850 0631

New customers

If you'd like to bank with us call 0345 606 0286

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