Faster Payments

When you want fast, secure payments in a matter of hours

The Faster Payments service allows payments to move between your account and most other UK bank accounts quickly and securely when you use Internet Banking or Telephone Banking – often at the touch of a button, and usually within a matter of hours.

As there are usually some same-day limits for Faster Payments, this service is ideal for lower value payments. Payments made through Telephone Banking or Internet Banking which are over the same-day limit will be processed overnight and will reach the recipient’s account the business day after the payment instruction was received by us.

Key Features

  • Make payments in hours – or sometimes even minutes.
  • Faster payments can help improve cashflow.
  • Faster Payments are automatic when sending to and receiving from eligible accounts.
  • If you need to check whether the sort code you wish to send money to can receive payments through the Faster Payments Service, please check the UK Payments Administration Sort Code Checker.

    Business Internet Banking

    If you choose the ‘pay as soon as possible’ option when you make a payment online we'll check to see if the sort code you are sending your payment to is Faster Payment enabled, and if it is, the payment should be completed within 2 hours. If the person or company you are paying isn't able to receive Faster Payments, you won't be able to make the payment online.

    Personal account access

    For those personal accounts where you can currently make payments via Business Internet Banking to organisations outside of Halifax or Bank of Scotland, the Faster Payments Service will be available. For those accounts where you can only view or transfer funds to another account within your access, the Faster Payment facility will only be available through the Personal Online Service, provided the account is registered for these services.

    Personal Banking customers can find further details of this new service here.

    Keep visiting this page for up-to-date information on Faster Payments.

    Further information is also available at

  • By phone

    Existing customers

    If you are already registered for Business Internet Banking or Corporate Online, you can start making Faster Payments now.

    You can make Faster Payments using Telephone Banking by calling 0345 300 0268.

    If you would like more information about Telephone Banking or Business Internet Banking, please call us on 0345 300 0268.

    For more information about Corporate Online, please call 0345 603 2408.

    New customers

    If you'd like to bank with us, please call 0345 606 0286.

Contact us

Existing customers
0345 300 0268

New customers
0345 300 1319

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Faster Payments sort codes

Check whether a sort code can receive Faster Payments using the UK Payments Administration Sort Code Checker.

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