Experience Arena

Whether you want a view of the whole market or just the fine detail that’s important to your business, Arena puts you in control.

Combining Foreign Exchange and Money Market execution tools with insight, analysis and reporting, Arena’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for you to address both your immediate and strategic objectives.

Arena enables you to:

  • Quickly and confidently transact Foreign Exchange
  • Make the most of our Money Market fixed term deposit and loan services
  • Get closer to the markets through valuable insights from our Economics & Market Insight team alongside a tailored news feed, charts and economic events
  • Control your trades and get visibility of cash positions with a range of dynamic pre and post trade tools

System requirements

The minimum Arena system requirements are Windows XP and the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Arena works better with the latest operating system and browsers. We recommend:

  • The latest version of Windows with IE11, Edge or latest version of Chrome or Firefox
  • The latest version of OS X with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox