Designated Clients Account

When you want to treat your clients individually.

The account for Solicitors and law firms who need to keep individual clients' funds in separate accounts. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly into each designated account. So you can manage your clients' money more easily.

The provision of client account facilities is subject to status and satisfying certain criteria in the policy.

Key Features

  • Support from Relationship Managers who understand your profession.
  • Separate accounts for each individual client.
  • Instant access and regular account statements.

Deputyship/Appointeeship debit card

Debit cards are available to help support vulnerable individuals* under Deputyship or Appointeeship arrangements, giving them direct access to their funds.

Advantages of debit card

  • Choice of card type – chip & PIN, chip & signature or Cashpoint® only.
  • Always checks available funds on the account preventing unauthorised overdrafts
  • Linked to a Designated Client Account to ensure segregation of the underlying individual’s funds.

*The following points apply:

  • The underlying individual will have no rights to directly access the bank account other than through ATM cash withdrawals, online purchases and merchant transactions.
  • Minimum age of underlying individual is 11 years. You (our Client) are responsible for the capacity assessment of the underlying individual.
  • A Deputyship or Appointeeship needs to be evidenced in the form of a either a court of protection order (Deputyship) or BF57 (Appointeeship).
  • The card is provided strictly only for use by the underlying individual. It is not permitted to be used by employees or other third parties (e.g. carers).

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