Jenny Burrett

Introduction to the Just Transition

What does it mean for Scotland? Members of our network start our Just Transition conversation here.

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David Willock

New Attitudes in a Net Zero Economy

Should organisations change the way they approach jobs as we transition to a net zero economy? Gosbert Chagula MBE, Co-Founder & Head of Programmes at the Startup Discovery School explains.

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Katie Arnold

Corporate Challenges and Benefits

Dr Sam Gardner, Head of Climate Change & Sustainability at ScottishPower believes if we are to enjoy the benefits of a Just Transition, there are three main challenges organisations must overcome.

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James Wright

The Role of Finance in the Just Transition

As we move towards a net zero economy, Nick Robins, Professor in Practice for Sustainable Finance at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change & the Environment, outlines how financial decisions must take people into account.

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David Willock

Driving Real Economy Transition

Tara Schmidt, Head of Climate & Sustainability Strategy, outlines what organisations should take into account on the collective journey to net zero. 

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David Willock

Introduction to the Just Transition

What will it take for Scotland to achieve a Just Transition? We hosted an actions-focussed event to discuss. Watch members of our network start our conversation here.

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David Willock

Sustainable Finance in the Consumer Sector

Supply chains pose one of the greatest challenges in your journey to net zero. Sustainability & ESG Finance expert, Jenny Burrett, discusses ways we are helping our clients engage and tackle their supply chains.

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David Willock

Sustainable Finance in Higher Education

David Willock, Managing Director, ESG Finance & Structuring discusses the latest trends in the sector, and the options institutions can take to help meet your sustainability goals. 

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Katie Arnold

Sustainable Finance in Housebuilding

Sustainability & ESG Finance expert, Katie Arnold, explains how the sector can now plot a way forwards and start to understand what good looks like, which has the potential to unlock sustainable finance.

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James Wright

Taking Advantage of The Opportunity

Jude’s Ice Cream is a carbon negative B Corp – companies that voluntarily meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance. We caught up with James Wright, MD, who provided insight into why sustainability is at the heart of the business.

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Kate Neale

Accelerating the Decarbonisation of Buildings

Cadogan has a long-standing commitment to build a sustainable future for Chelsea. Kate Neale, Head of Sustainability, gets under-the-skin of what it’s going to take to protect the area’s unique heritage and support a thriving community.

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Tara Schmidt

What Are Your ESG Priorities in 2022?

Experts within our dedicated Sustainability and ESG Finance Team, Tara Schmidt, Francesca Sharp and Varun Sarda give some thoughts on the year ahead.

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Gerry Stephens

The Business Benefits of Smart Sustainable Solutions

Gerry Stephens, Finance Director of Mackie’s of Scotland invests in net zero technology and is forecast to save 70% on the company’s energy costs. He urges his fellow SMEs to take the first step no matter how small.

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Peter McKernan

A Sustainable Pathway for Success for SMEs

Peter McKernan, Director of McKernan Homes believes net zero will not hold his business back, if anything it will propel them forward. This is encouraging for those SMEs that don’t yet have meaningful sustainability goals or plans.

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Tim Mead

Sustainability From Farm to Fork

A fascinating insight from Tim Mead, Owner of Yeo Valley, who encourages all businesses, whatever shape or size, to challenge common assumptions in their journey to net zero because they aren’t always correct.

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Kate Rogers

The Future of Sustainable Investments

Kate Rogers, Head of Sustainability, Cazenove Capital – an investment services business - is passionate about people wanting to invest in companies that create a better and more sustainable future. She highlights concerns over ‘greenwashing’ and much more.

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Johan Huibers

Creating a Sustainable Business Model

Tamar Nurseries, an SME with sustainability at the heart of their business model. Johan Huibers, Managing Director shares his passion for going green, along with invaluable learnings for other SME businesses.

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Nina Skubala

Take Action Now. Practical First Steps For SMEs

Nina Skubala, Head of Climate Strategy, British Chambers of Commerce Climate Challenge Group explains what net zero is and how SMEs can progress their journey to net zero.

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Sam Gardner

A Sustainable Future

Sam Gardner, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability at ScottishPower acknowledges the challenges, but demonstrates the enormous opportunities for corporates and their supply chains as we tackle climate change together.

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Julie Hirigoyen

The Green Buildings Commitment

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive at the UK Green Building Council, explains why the built environment is a key priority on the road to net zero, what the key attributes are affecting the carbon footprint of a building and the impact of new ways of working on sustainability.

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Alexis Rosenblum

Investing in Sustainability

BlackRock’s Alexis Rosenblum, Chief Corporate Sustainability Officer, discusses the challenges with new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data and how important clear and consistent reporting is in the investment process.

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Lindsay Hooper

Rethinking Corporate Sustainability

Lindsay Hooper, Executive Director at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, details the shifting corporate attitudes towards building sustainable practices into future-ready business models. Lindsay points out the most common challenges and provides practical steps businesses should take.

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