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  • International trading is a big step forward for your business, but breaking into a new market can seem complicated. We’ve developed the International Trade Portal to give you the background knowledge to plan with confidence and practical resources for every step of the journey, from targeting the right market to making your first shipment.

International Trade Portal

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In three simple steps, see how our International Trade portal can support your business or view quick access information.

Try demohow our International Trade portal can support your business

Identify the right markets

The Portal offers comprehensive data on the biggest markets in your industry – and the fastest growing. Import and export flows give you a full picture of where your product is in demand.

Stay compliant

Check accurate regulatory information, including import/export controls, shipping requirements and essential documentation.

Understand the market position

Over 25,000 sector-specific reports and analyses help you gauge the latest international trends. Get to know the business environment with full trade profiles and economic outlines of each country.

Build relationships

Databases of 100,000 buyers and 27,000 suppliers provide everything you need to approach new trading partners. Company entries also give you breakdowns of the value and volume of trade, and the goods involved.

Assess the costs

Our calculators let you forecast export prices and import costs, factor in local duties and shipping rates, and convert between currencies.

Find new opportunities

The Portal gives you direct access to public and private tenders and to directories of professional associations, online marketplaces and trade shows where you can market and sell your products.

Lloyds Banking Group is an official partner of the Department for International Trade. As part of our commitment to Helping Britain Prosper Globally, we’ll support 25,000 new exporters by 2020, within the Government’s efforts to help 100,000 businesses export for the first time

International Trade Portal

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Global trade services your business can rely on whatever your size.

Find importers

Looking for someone to buy your product? Search databases of importers by the product(s) they import on our International Trade Portal.