Import & Export

Our short-term funding through trade finance solutions and documentary support can help you manage your risks through the trade cycle and ease cash flow.

Make international payments

We make it easy for you to do business with your overseas customers or suppliers by helping you make or receive payments overseas.

Foreign Exchange

Our Foreign Exchange products are designed to help you manage risks and opportunities when trading with overseas customers and suppliers.

Foreign Currency Accounts

If you regularly hold, pay or receive foreign currencies, our currency accounts provide flexibility to help you maximise international trade opportunities.

Only available for businesses with an annual business turnover above £3m.

Brexit insights and guidance

Find answers to the questions you have about Brexit and how we can help you.

View our Brexit hub

Manage the risks of international trading

From the risk of not getting paid to currency fluctuations, we have a solution for the key risks your business may face when trading overseas.

International Trade Portal

A powerful insight platform, with practical support that helps you trade internationally with your chosen market.

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INCO Terms

INCO Terms (International Commercial Terms) are a set of trade terms recognised internationally. They’re the language you’ll need when you’re trading abroad.

International Product Selector

Our handy tool can help you find out what products and services can support your business to trade internationally.

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