Amend Business Internet Banking access

You can complete our online Mandate Variation form builder to request updates to who can access Business Internet Banking, what type of access they have and what accounts they can see.

Here are some of the changes you can make

  • Upgrade to full access status – Upgrade an existing delegate user to Full Access status. Individuals granted Full Access (Full Power signatories) status have unlimited access to all the features of Internet Banking. They can also edit the level of access granted to people with Full Access (Delegate) status.
  • Change to delegate status – Change a user to delegate status. Delegate Full Access users can make online payments. View Only (Delegate) users can log in and see all transactions on the account, but cannot set up or authorise any themselves. You can also use this option to add or remove online access to specific accounts and cards.
  • De-register an Business Internet Banking user – Remove access to Business Internet Banking for the user. They will no longer be able to log in to the service.
  • Other changes you can make – When completing the mandate variation form builder you will also be given the option to update the signatories on your business mandate, update your mailing address and your signing instructions.

If you would like to register a new user for access to Business Internet Banking, please complete our online registration form

Before you start

You’ll need the following details:

  • Your UK mobile number and email address
  • Business sort code and account number

Mandate variation form builder

Complete your Mandate Variation request in 3 easy steps

Please note: this form will be blocked on a mobile phone to ensure our customers can clearly read all the information. You can use a laptop, desktop or tablet with an up to date browser.

Step 1 - Create a request

Create your request 

and once completed you will be able to generate a PDF form.

Step 2 - Download & print

Download the completed PDF to your device and print it out.

Step 3 - Get signatures & post

Collect all the required signatures and post the request using the address provided on the form.

    • It's easier to complete the form using a PC or laptop.
    • You can save your work as you go and can come back later to complete if needed. When you're ready you can then generate the printable form.
    • To help keep your details safe, we'll clear any unsaved details if you're away after 30 minutes or more, and you'll need to start again.