Changes to banking and shopping online

Enhancing your security online

Recent industry wide changes, known as Strong Customer Authentication, have affected the way you bank and shop online. These changes enhance the security in online banking and help reduce fraud.

You will see these changes when:

  • You log on to Business Internet Banking
  • You set up and make payments to new recipients
  • You purchase something online

Changes to the way you make payments

Soon, you will need to use your card and card reader, and press the ‘SIGN’ button, when making a payment to someone for the first time. Like always, you still need to use your card reader and press the ‘Respond’ button to set up new recipients.

All of the instructions on the screen will be updated when the change takes place. Follow the instructions on the screen to make sure your payment goes smoothly.

Find out more about the changes, below.

  • Changes to the way you make payments

    Please note, that you need to press the ‘SIGN’ button on your card reader when requested. This is different to the ‘Respond’ button, used to set up new recipients.

    A. Select the account you want to send money from and then click ‘payments and transfers’ 

    B. Click on ‘Select account or recipient’.

    C. Select the recipient you want to pay from the list

    D. Complete the payment instructions. 

    E. Check the details are correct  and click ‘Continue’. 

    F. You’ll then be asked to make sure you have your card reader and authentication card ready.

    G. You’ll now be asked to:

    1. Enter the last 5 digits of your card number.
    2. Insert your card and press the ‘SIGN’ button.
    3. Key your PIN for the card and press ‘Enter’.
    4. Enter the reference shown on your computer screen and press ‘Enter’.
    5. Key the amount you’re going to pay into the card reader  and press ‘Enter’. Remember to include all digits including those after the decimal point.
    6. Finally, enter the 8-digit number shown on your card reader into the box on your computer screen, before clicking on ‘Make payment’.

    H. That's it, your payment has been sent.

  • Soon you’ll need to use both a card and card reader to log on and make payments in Business Internet Banking. If you have never had a card and card reader you will be sent one in the post. If you have not received your card and card reader by March please call us on 0345 300 2924

    To order a card reader:

    Step 1: Log in to your Business Internet Banking

    Step 2: Click on “Admin” on the top right hand side

    Step 3: Click on “order additional card reader”

    Step 4: Follow the instructions on your screen


    To order an authentication card:

    Step 1: Log in to your Business Internet Banking account

    Step 2: Select ‘More Actions’

    Step 3: Then ‘Account Services’

    Step 4: Select ‘Request Replacement Card’


    If you don’t have a card and card reader you may not be able to login to Business Internet Banking or set up and make payments to new beneficiaries. 

    If you card reader isn’t working find out how to unlock it, or replace the batteries.

    image of card reader
  • Update your browser

    It is recommended that you always have the latest browser on your devices to increase your security online and help protect you from fraud.

    Updating your browser regularly means that when you access websites you’ll always be able to take advantage of:

    • Up-to-date browser security features – Stay safe online and have peace of mind that you’re being protected by the latest security features.
    • A better online experience – Websites will look better and perform faster, and you’ll be able to use the latest features and tools they have to offer.
    • Screen reader support – The latest browsers make it easier for newer screen readers to handle web technologies, such as JavaScript. If you have JavaScript turned off because it interferes with your screen reader, make sure your browser is up-to-date and try updating your screen reader or using another, such as the free tool NVDA

    Update your browser by clicking through on the links below and following the instructions.

    Safari (Apple devices only)
    Edge (Windows 10 only)
    Internet Explorer

    If you choose not to upgrade your browser, there will be parts of our sites that you won’t be able to use. For example, our Internet Banking service isn’t supported in Internet Explorer 6 and 7. You will also find it harder to use some calculators and tools.

    Trust your device

    If you regularly use the same computer, laptop, mobile, tablet or mobile to log on, then we may ask if you trust your device.

    If you trust your device it makes logging on faster, as next time you log on we’ll know it’s you and not someone else.

    You should only trust computers, laptops, tablets and mobile browsers that are privately used by you.

    You shouldn’t trust a device if you share it with someone you don’t know, or if you’re on a public network.

    If you’ve trusted your device, but have cleared your browser data, for example you’ve cleared your cookies, cache or browser history. Or, you’re using a new browser you will be prompted to trust your device again.

  • Each time you log on you are asked for three characters from your memorable information.

    If you haven’t set up your memorable information for Business Internet Banking you’ll be asked to do so when you next log on.

    Can’t remember what it is? Simply click ‘forgotten your logon details?’ on the Business Internet Banking log on page to reset.

    If you are already using your memorable information to log on there is nothing more you need to do.

    Remember, never share full memorable information online or over the phone.

  • There'll be times when we'll need to get in touch to check it's you buying something online. We'll do this by sending you a text message to your mobile phone number.

    To see all the phone numbers we hold please follow these steps:

    Step 1: Check your numbers by logging into the 'Your Details' section in Business Internet Banking
    Step 2: Click on 'Admin' on the top right hand side
    Step 3: Click on 'view or update your details'
    Step 4: Follow the instructions on your screen

    If you have both a personal and business account we'll use the same number for both. So it's important that the number you give can be used when buying something online with your personal and business accounts.

    To make sure we have the right mobile number for you simply fill in, print and send us the form.

    Update my details