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Online solutions for client accounts

We can make the process of administering accounts for your clients more streamlined. Our cash management solutions and online services let you transfer money and make payments when you need to, increasing control and saving you time. Our online service allows you to easily segregate client funds, complete cashbook accounting and allocate receipts.



We’ve developed i|SITE to meet the needs of our client banking customers. Our i|SITE solution:

  • provides an online platform for flexible portfolio management
  • is highly flexible, fully encrypted and fast
  • gives you the potential to open your own client accounts – instantly
  • lets you make transfers of funds immediately, where authorised, and stay up-to-date with transactions using live data
  • integrates seamlessly into your back office systems to help simplify reporting and deliver efficient administration
  • acts as your very own virtual branch, offering access to the Bank’s mainframe
  • allows you to manage as many individual, interest-bearing accounts as you wish, all in real time
  • provides unique sort codes and account numbers tailored to suit your individual requirements.


Helpdesk Availability

The i|SITE helpdesk is available Monday-Friday 0800 - 1800. The telephone number is 0808 202 1390.

System Requirements

  • Active scripting and cookies must be enabled on each configuration.
  • Internet Explorer 11 with compatibility mode (supported until 2025)
  • ADOBE Acrobat must be installed for viewing/printing reports. This is available as a free download from


The system is accessed by Token or Smartcard.

Tokens can be used for enquiring on accounts, generating and printing reports, and exporting reports in an XML format. A Token can also be used to carry out inputting transactions and account opening information.

A Smartcard is required for sending information to the bank – account opening, transaction posting.

System Administrator

The system Administrator is appointed by your company to be responsible for creating roles and allocating roles to individual users and for all Smartcard and Token user management.

They can also view / print / download audit logs  

Account Enquiry

i|SITE provides access to bank accounts and can retrieve balances and transaction information in real time. Up to date statements can be viewed and printed.

Account Opening

i|SITE allows you to open accounts on-line and either send to the bank’s mainframe straightaway or batch and send at a later time. You can also import an XML file for bulk Account Opening and export an XML file with all new Account Numbers listed. A smart card signoff is required when sending the files to the bank although accounts can be created by a token user.


Transfers allows you to prepare, authorise, and submit single transfers or a batch of inter account transfers.

Transfer batches can be imported from an XML file into i|SITE. The batch does not need to balance to import into i|SITE but will require to be balanced before submitting to the bank via Smartcard operation.


Reports can be created to view or print as PDF documents or to extract in XML for uploading to another system. The default reports available are:

  • Balance Summary
  • Balance Detail
  • Transaction Summary
  • Transaction Detail
  • Sterling Summary
  • Download Eod.

There are also reports you can create from the default reports. e.g. an interest report, detailing all interest that has been posted to individual accounts.

Reports can be saved and those queries will be saved to the Smartcard of each specific user.

All applications for our products and services are subject to eligibility criteria.

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