Business Key Card

Our Business Keycard gives you direct access to your Business Current Account from 1.9 millions cash machines worldwide.

Key Features

  • No annual fee
  • Free cash withdrawals from any Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Bank or Halifax cash machine*
  • Take out up to £200 a day provided funds are available
  • Use it around the world at banks and bureaux de change showing the VISA sign.**
    • Free cash withdrawals from any Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Bank or Halifax cash machine.*
    • Use it around the world at banks and bureaux de change where the VISA sign is displayed.**
    • Take out up to £200 a day provided funds are available.
    • Talk to our business management team to increase your daily withdrawal limit to £500.
    • Check your account balance at any given time.
    • Order a cheque book or statement for us to post to you the next business day.
    • Easily change your PIN number for additional security.
    • Print a mini-statement detailing the last seven business transactions on your business account.***
    • Enables fast depositing in branch.
  • We don’t charge an annual fee for your card. There are some charges and fees for using your card in the UK and abroad, which may vary depending on your account tariff. For full rates and charges please read Your Account Charges Explained (PDF, 1.8MB)

  • A key feature of our Business Keycard is the ability to deposit funds quickly in branch:

    • Use the card to enable faster deposit transactions at all branches
    • Speed up depositing in branch even more with Immediate deposit Self Service Machines (where available)
    • Immediate deposit Self Service Machines allow you to deposit up to 5 cheques or 50 notes in one quick transaction. You will immediately receive a picture receipt and clearing date to give you peace of mind
  • To apply for a Bank of Scotland Business Keycard you'll need to have a Business Account with us.


    Complete our application form to apply for a Business Keycard. Once completed, print the form, collect the required signatures and post it to: Bank of Scotland, Commercial Servicing, Edinburgh, BX2 1LB.

    You can expect to receive your Business Keycard within ten days of our receipt of your application.

    Download Form (PDF)

    By phone

    Existing customers

    Call us on 0345 300 0268

    New customers

    If you’d like to bank online with us please call 0345 606 0286



Existing Business Current Account holders please complete the attached form and post it to: Bank of Scotland, Commercial Servicing, Edinburgh, BX2 1LB.

Download PDF Opens in a new browser window, 157KB

Lost or stolen cards?

If your card is lost or stolen, or you think someone might know your PIN, tell us straightaway.

Internet Banking

Manage your accounts when and where it suits you.

Staying safe online

Find out how we keep you safe online and how you can help.

* All LINK machines will give you an advance, on-screen warning about any charges that may apply. This warning will also tell you who’s making the charge. You will then be given the option to cancel the transaction.

** Charges may apply

*** Please note that you will need to wait up to four business days for cheques to clear before you can access money in your business account

Helping you compare our Keycard currency charges with other providers

You can now compare our currency conversion charges for card transactions in euro and other EEA currencies. We display these charges as a percentage mark up over the European Central Bank reference rate (ECB rate). The table below does not take into account any other transaction costs we charge, for example foreign currency cash fees.


Indicative transaction value (excl Fees)
Transaction Fee Rate
Transaction Fee
Indicative Statement Value (incl Fees)
ECB to Sterling equivalent Indicative transaction Value
ECB to card variance
ECB Markup sub
ECB Mark up
ECB Pairing Rate
Cash Transaction Ffee

Edit Key/Value Pair Calculator

Edit Key/Value Pair Calculator




Your Key Card foreign currency transaction fee mark up over the ECB rate.



Exchange rates

The table should be used as a guide only. Rates are updated once a day on business days. We use Visa rates and ECB rates which are subject to change.

Transactions in EEA currencies other than euro will be converted to euro first, then pounds sterling.

You can find the latest available Visa exchange rate here.

Fees for currency conversion

The comparison above uses the Keycard standard non-sterling transaction fee of 2.75%.