Manage account access

Tell us who can access your accounts and what they can do.

Add, amend or remove people from your mandate.

A mandate shows who is named on your account and what they can do.

Adding someone to it means you could let them:

  • Make payments on your behalf. 
  • Talk to us about a transaction. 
  • Apply for new products for your business. 
  • Have access to Business Internet Banking.

What are signing instructions?

They tell us how many people are needed to approve changes to your business accounts.

There are two ways you can make this change

Log in to Business Internet Banking

Already registered? Just log on, go to ‘Admin’ then ‘User Management’ to get started.

Log in to Business Internet Banking

Use our new Make a Change service

Ideal if you don’t use Business Internet Banking. And you can make other changes at the same time.

Use Make a Change

Help with changing account access

Accounting software

Accounting software

Business Finance Assistant integrates easily with your business accounts, giving you greater control over your finances and saving valuable time.

Business Finance Assistant Business Finance Assistant
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