Sustainability – a practical guide for businesses

The business climate is changing. As companies strive to become more socially conscious, sustainability is a key consideration for organisations of all sizes.

The transition to sustainable business practices can be challenging without support, but the rewards are great. Developing your organisation more ethically can ultimately help you reduce costs, improve your reputation, retain staff and boost your bottom line. Customers are more likely to buy from a company that acts responsibly.

This guide pulls together handy hints and best practice from expert sources across four main areas of sustainability – energy, transport emissions, waste and water.

The tips range from simple - but often overlooked - ideas to more creative ways to go green. So wherever you are on your sustainability journey, there’s something which will help you take the next step.

Download this sustainability guide from Bank of Scotland and take a look to see which changes might be the right fit for your company.

Get more sustainable fast: a practical guide for businesses

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