Best Execution under MiFID II

Best Execution rules require investment firms to take all sufficient steps to obtain the best possible result for their clients when executing orders in financial instruments, whilst taking into account all relevant factors. Further information can be found in ‘Our approach to Best Execution under MiFID II).

Best Execution rules also require:

Execution venues to provide on a quarterly basis relevant data to measure the quality of execution in relevant financial instruments. This is represented by the following tables:

Table 1 –Information on the type of execution venue
Table 2 –Information on the type of financial instrument
Table 3 –Price information -Intraday
Table 4 –Price information -Daily
Table 5 –Costs information
Table 6 –Likelihood of execution for each trading day
Table 9 –Additional information relating to request for quote execution venues.

The best execution information required for tables 7 and 8 is not provided. This information relates to continuous auction order book and continuous quote driven trading systems which are not operated by Lloyds Bank.

The reports will be available on this page for a minimum of two years. If you have any questions regarding Best Execution please contact

Best Execution

Our approach to Best Execution under MiFID II 

Download our Best Execution Reporting factsheet