Supply chain finance

UK businesses increasingly look to grow overseas and supply chains are becoming longer and more complex. 

Ensuring your supply chain is sufficiently resilient and flexible is a key business priority. You need to be in a position to fully leverage the opportunities presented by new trade relationships and new markets, while optimising your working capital.

Our specialist team goes further to understand your specific circumstances and take a holistic approach to financing the supply chain. We recognise that supply chain finance is not just about the numbers. It’s about creating a win-win for buyers and suppliers, while aligning the objectives of treasury, procurement and sales.

We work closely with businesses to share the risk and make the best use of available credit. Our experts can help your business to optimise its working capital by addressing supply chain inefficiencies. Although extending days payable outstanding (DPO) might seem like a quick fix, it’s likely that the supplier will later counter this with price adjustments. We offer solutions that achieve the desired results in a more intelligent way.

Supplier finance

Supplier finance is a form of receivables driven financing, initiated by the buyer through their relationship bank. This allows your suppliers to obtain earlier payment of their invoices using our supplier finance platform, giving them faster access to invaluable working capital.

The supplier can leverage the buyer’s credit rating and access an agreed percentage (usually 100%) of the due payment up front from the bank. The buyer can benefit from early settlement discounts or longer payment terms without impacting the supplier’s cashflow. Buyers will also have the peace of mind that critical suppliers are receiving the financial support they need, which benefits both treasury and procurement.

Receivables finance

Receivables purchase finance works to assist corporate sellers to maximise their own sales and retrieve payment quickly. The bank purchases a selection of the seller’s receivables from approved debtors. Often secured on a non-recourse basis, such programmes are increasingly valuable to treasurers seeking to enhance cashflow and strengthen the balance sheet, and are also beneficial to the sales function.

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