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  • Digital VAT submissions. Ready for Making Tax Digital.
  • Allow access to an unlimited number of users, including your accountant.
  • All of your accounts, including those with other providers, can be viewed in one place.
  • Forecasting cash flow to identify potential shortfalls in advance.
  • Customise and issue professional-looking quotes and invoices.
  • Photo-capture and store your receipts and expenses.
  • Auto-categorise your transactions across your business accounts.
Proft and los, for last 12 months. £100,000.00 income, £90,000 expense and £10,000 profit.
Cashflow forecast, for November 2021 through to February 2022. £16,000 income, £10,650 balance and £5,350 outgoings.
  • Try our service for the first 3 months for free via our introductory offer. After this, we will introduce a service charge of £5 per month.

    The tool is currently aimed at businesses who trade within the UK; VAT functionality (e.g. reverse charge) for businesses who buy or sell internationally is not currently available in the tool but is being developed; therefore, businesses that buy or sell internationally should not use the tool.


    Business Finance Assistant is available for all Bank of Scotland Business customers. You will need to be registered for Business Internet Banking or Commercial Banking Online to continue using this product beyond the trial period. 

    Public limited companies are not currently eligible.

    To apply we need:

    Your sort code and account number.

    Please find our terms and conditions here.

Making tax digital

The Government now requires digital submissions for tax information. Understand how Making tax digital impacts you.

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