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Just Transition is an overarching concept of ensuring fairness and equity in the process of transitioning to a net zero economy, ensuring that no one is left behind and that the most vulnerable communities and workers are supported during the transition.

In the run up to COP28, we brought together business leaders, experts, practitioners, and policy makers for an actions-focussed event on advancing towards a Just Transition for Scotland. Explore the discussion below.

Introduction to a Just Transition

What does it mean for Scotland? Watch the start of our Just Transition conversation here.

Delivering a Just Transition for Scotland

What will it take for Scotland to achieve a Just Transition? Experts and business leaders from a broad range of sectors discuss, including keynote speaker Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the UK Climate Change Committee.

Explore the debate

Sustainability Voices: Valuable Insights & Expert Opinion

What’s being said on the ground?  Watch members of our network outline Just Transition principles in a short video series.

Watch Season 4

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We support a Just Transition to a net zero carbon economy in Scotland by 2045 through embedding the necessary sustainability skills and knowledge for the future through SBCC’s partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

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