What works for one type of business may not be right for another. That's why we’ve developed products and services to meet the specific needs of a number of business industries.


Our team of local, specialist agricultural managers offer a range of effective and tailored products and services to support your long-term farm business success, through the seasons.

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Our team of Relationship Managers are ready to guide and support Scottish Schools with a full range of financial services tailored to your needs.

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Thinking of becoming a franchisee or looking to franchise your business? Our trained franchise managers can offer advice and guidance.

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Our team of accredited Healthcare Managers are ready to guide and support your business with a full range of financial services tailored to your profession.

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Working closely with our partners across the Lloyds Banking Group we establish the most appropriate solutions for your clients.

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To support the growth of the Scottish manufacturing sector, we provide finance and guidance that matches the industry’s needs.

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Professional services

The support you and your practice needs. Our Relationship Managers are trained in the Practice Management Standard and are accredited by the Law Society of Scotland.

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Real Estate

Relationships matter. That’s why we offer you the support of a specialist team of Real Estate Managers as part of our banking services.

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