Savings Strategy Tool

Use our Savings Strategy Tool to help you understand which business savings account could suit your needs. Make your money work harder by matching your cash forecasts against Bank of Scotland deposit products, helping you create a savings strategy bespoke to your needs.


How does it work?

  • Add your monthly closing balances, and set the minimum instant access balance you need
    We’ll provide you with appropriate business savings account options based on the amount of time funds are available for and how much you need instant access to for day to day business expenses.
  • Answer a few question to receive a bespoke deposit plan
    Your savings strategy could include a number of different term and notice deposit accounts over a period of time.
  • Follow the instructions in your plan
    You will get a clear plan that directs you to the suggested products. You can change the products to meet your needs.
  • Apply for the products online or over the phone

What will you need?

  • The existing interest rate that you receive on all your existing deposit accounts, either with Lloyds Banking Group or elsewhere. It is also helpful if you know the current rate you receive on your Instant Access Account
  • Your monthly closing balances for the period that you would like to create a strategy. This is the amount you expect to hold in your savings account each month.

Get your savings strategy

Savings accounts

Savings accounts

Make surplus cash work harder in business savings accounts tailored to your needs.

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Please note: You should not use this tool as the sole driver for any financial decisions you make and we encourage you to seek further information before taking out any deposit products.

The tool relies on your cash projections being complete and accurate with no intra month movements in balances. The instant access buffer should absorb any day to day fluctuations and errors in forecasting.

How long will it take?

The tool will take between 5-10 minutes to complete 


    If you have completed the tool and you would like to withdraw consent for us to store your data, you can do this by entering the unique reference number provided with your results and selecting 'delete your data'.