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Financing a sustainable future

We’re helping businesses reduce their overall costs and energy usage with new Clean Growth Financing opportunities as we move towards a carbon neutral economy. By transitioning to low-carbon sustainable business models we can make a real difference to tackling climate change. 

So, wherever you are on your transition to Net Zero, we’re here to support your business in making a difference to the environment and reducing costs at the same time.

Good things are happening at Mackie’s and Emergency One to become more sustainable:

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Good things are happening at Mackie’s

Find out how their solar panels and wind turbines, which we helped finance, help them generate as much energy as they use. 

What’s happening at Mackie’s
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Good things are happening at Emergency One

Find out how with our support, they answered the call to reduce costs and carbon by creating the world’s first fully electric fire engine.

What’s happening at Emergency One

Sustainable Finance Products

From discounted lending for green purposes and investing in clean growth to improving the energy efficiency of buildings and vehicles; we offer a range of tools, products and services to help your business achieve its green and net zero ambitions. 

Green Lending & Asset Finance

Green Lending & Asset Finance

Discounted loans or asset finance (£25,000 minimum) when used specifically to improve your business’ environmental impact.

Clean Growth Financing Initiative

Property Acquisition and Refinancing​

Property Acquisition and Refinancing​

Discounted lending for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) acquiring or refinancing energy-efficient properties.​

Buildings Transition Loan

Sustainability-linked loans (£100m+ turnover businesses)​

Sustainability-linked loans (£100m+ turnover businesses)​

Discounted lending for businesses acquiring or refinancing energy-efficient properties.

Sustainability & ESG Financing

Energy-efficiency tool

A digital tool that can help you identify energy-efficient investments in your buildings.

Green vehicle fleet

Supporting our business customers with the vehicles and tools to assist the transition to low emission vehicles.

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Scottish Business Climate Collaboration (SBCC)

Bank of Scotland is a partner of the SBCC, a group of businesses with a major footprint in Scotland who have joined forces to help lead the fight against climate change and accelerate the Just Transition to a Net Zero future.

The SBCC Climate Action Hub provides a free virtual learning environment to help upskill small and medium sized businesses to achieve Net Zero, together with a carbon calculator to help businesses to better understand and manage their carbon emissions.

Access for free 

Your journey to Net Zero

From Now to Net Zero: a Practical Guide for SMEs

To deepen our understanding of how we can best support you on your journey to Net Zero, in 2021, we surveyed more than 1,000 businesses and experts from across the UK, alongside our ongoing conversations with clients.

SME Net Zero Monitor


In 2022, we did a further survey of 1,000 SMEs to monitor where they are on their sustainability journey today, identify the benefits of reaching the Net Zero target and understand how to overcome the barriers.

Just Transition Scotland


In the run up to COP28, we brought together business leaders, experts, practitioners, and policy makers for an actions-focussed event on advancing toward a Just Transition for Scotland.


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Together for our planet

The UK government has partnered with business owners and climate groups to launch a climate commitment campaign to help businesses of all sizes cut carbon emissions and protect the planet.

Your commitment could make a real difference and you’ll get the tools to help you understand your emissions, how to tackle them, and how to share what you’re doing with your customers and your community.

Make a climate commitment today

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Sustainability Voices: Valuable Insights & Expert Opinion

Experts and customers share insights and give sound guidance on how businesses should keep 1.5 alive to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.

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Supporting a more sustainable future in Scotland


We have partnered with Scottish Business Insider to help Scottish businesses on their sustainability journey.


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Supporting UK business

In partnership with the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, over 900 colleagues in our relationship teams have received specialist training to support business customers on their sustainability journey.

Read more about our partnership