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Scottish SME manufacturers face a fresh challenge – the drive towards sustainability and Net Zero carbon emissions. Based on research and conversations with SMEs across the UK this report explores progress already made by SMEs towards Net Zero, builds on specific issues and opportunities facing SME manufacturers and provides them with a roadmap to Net Zero.

Information is key to getting started

The road to Net Zero is not the same for every SME manufacturer but getting started means becoming knowledgeable.

Almost a quarter (23%) of SME manufacturers said they lacked knowledge in achieving Net Zero and around one in five said there’s a lack of skills and expert guidance.

Through our discussions with SME manufacturers we have explored the challenges, barriers and opportunities they face as they work towards achieving Net Zero and we have drawn together the top five take-aways:

  1. Building a Net Zero culture
  2. Creating sustainability skills
  3. Need for industry collaboration
  4. Focus on buildings & energy
  5. Understanding transport & supply chains

To build on the above and to help businesses move from being aware of the challenge and opportunity of Net Zero, to developing a strategy and taking action, we have developed:


Five steps to Manufacturing Net Zero

  1. Getting started
  2. Short-term wins and employee engagement
  3. Measure, mobilise, monitor
  4. Navigating the road ahead
  5. Heroes of Net Zero

Wherever you are on the journey, speak to your Bank of Scotland Relationship Manager for more information.

From Now to Net Zero: A Practical Guide for SMEs

Small and medium-sized businesses play a vital role in sustainability and the journey to Net Zero. Our research report outlines a five-step plan for SMEs to get on that journey.

Sustainability Hub

Supporting Scottish businesses to grow sustainably and transition to a low carbon economy.

Clean Growth Financing Initiative

Access discounted lending for green purposes from small improvements to large-scale infrastructure.