Business Internet Banking – Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of answers and solutions to frequently asked questions; see our trending FAQs or choose from the options below

  • 1. I have multiple profiles/user names.

    You should only have one user ID which is the same for both personal and business accounts. When completing your application the system should identify your existing user ID, if this does not happen, please do not proceed with the application and contact us on 0345 300 2924.

    2. I have filled out the application for Internet Banking, what happens next?

    The paperwork needs to be returned to the address provided. Once received, it will be checked and approved, provided that it has been signed in accordance with the existing mandate. You will then be sent your log on details, an authentication card (if applicable) and a card reader.

    If you haven't heard back from us, please contact the Online Help Desk on 0345 300 2924.

    3. I have applied for Internet Banking, why have you requested additional information?
    • There are numerous reasons why we may need additional information including:
    • We do not hold a signature for you on file
    • The signature on the form does not match what we hold on file for you
    • The form has not been signed in accordance with the mandate
    • The details on the form do not match what we hold on file
    • Your access level or payment controls are unclear
    • Listed accounts are not showing for the business

    If we have requested additional information please contact us on 0345 300 2924.

    4. My card-reader isn't working.

    If you have locked your card reader, please follow these steps:

    1. Log on
    2. Having problems logging on?
    3. Fill out your details
    4. Select unblock card reader
    5. You will be prompted to call us and provided with a reference number

    If you are having functionality problems, e.g. your batteries have run out, please call us on 0345 300 2924 and we will issue you a new card reader. Alternatively, card readers require 4x LR44s 1.5v batteries.

    Your local branch will also be able to provide you with a new card reader.

    5. I haven't received my new card-reader.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Log onto Internet Banking
    2. Click on the Admin drop down option on the top right hand side
    3. Click on Order additional card reader

    Alternatively, please call us on 0345 300 2924 and an advisor will be able to order a new reader.

    6. I am locked out of my account, what can I do?

    Please log back in using your ID and Password. If you are still experiencing problems follow the reset process online or call us on 0345 300 2924 and an advisor will be able to assist you.

    7. Why has my payment been referred for further checks?

    If your payment has been referred, you will need to call in as advised on the screen. One of our advisors will take you through additional security in order to process the payment.

    8. I've paid the wrong person in error.

    Please call the Internet Banking Help Desk on 0345 300 2924 to discuss. An advisor will attempt to trace the funds and arrange for these to be returned to you, this is done on a best endeavours basis.

    9. Why has my online payment not been sent?
    • There are numerous reasons why your online payment may not have been sent including:
    • You've exceeded the payment limit
    • A payment has been made in error
    • Beneficiary hasn't received the funds

    Alternatively, please call us on 0345 300 2924 and we will be able to assist you further.

    10. My authentication card has expired or hasn't arrived.

    You are also able to use your Business Debit Card to log onto Internet Banking.

    Alternatively, please call us on 0345 300 2924 and an advisor will be able to order a new reader.

    11. My question is not listed here.

    Please see the extended FAQs

  • What can I do with Internet Banking?

    Our Internet Banking (also called Online for Business) is a quick, easy and secure way for you to manage your business finances when and where it suits you best. Internet Banking can save you time, effort and money.

    You can:

    • View account balances and transactions for business sterling accounts.
    • Make payments, within payment limits, via Faster Payments or Bacs.
    • Make up to 25 payments in one batch.
    • Set up and manage standing orders.
    • View and cancel UK Sterling Direct Debits.
    • View transactions on your account.
    • View forecast payments and forecast cleared balances to help manage your money.
    • Set up delegate access allowing individuals other than the account signatory to access accounts online.
    • Set individual payment limits for Internet Banking users.
    • Set up multiple authorisations online – choose two or three of your Internet Banking users to authorise all online payments.
    • Make International payments.
    How much does Business Internet Banking cost?

    There is no charge for using the Internet Banking service, however there may be charges for operating your bank account. Any charge made by your Telecoms Provider and/or Internet Service Provider (ISP) for using the Internet will still apply.

    Can I view both my Retail and Business Internet Banking account at the same time?

    No, you need to log on separately to access your personal and business accounts.

    What products can I find out about online?
    • Business current account
      Visit our business accounts page for more information and to apply online
    • Business overdraft
      Visit our business overdraft page for more information.
    • Business loan
      Visit our business loan page for more information.
    • Business cards
      Visit our cards page for more information.
    • Business insurance
      Visit our business insurance page for more information.
    • Mortgages
      Visit our Commercial Mortgage or Buy to Let Mortgage pages for more information and to enquire online.
    How do I contact the Online for Business Helpdesk?

    You can contact them on 0345 300 2924 (+44 (0)131 339 8620 from overseas). Lines are open Monday - Friday 7am -10pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 6pm.

    What devices can I use to access Online for Business?

    You can access Online for Business from your desktop computer, smart phones and tablets.

    Is there specific software I need to log in order to access Online for Business?

    No, Online for Business should run on any web browser with the equivalent functionality of Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 7.0 or above.

    Can I access my accounts from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, as long as you have internet access and your card and card reader.

    How do I make a complaint?

    Please follow the link for our complaints procedure Alternatively, you can ask in branch for a voice your concerns leaflet which details the process. Clicking on any of the above links will open another window

    What is the 60 minute payment delay?

    When you create a new payee there is an 60 minute delay from the point of set up to when you can make a payment.

    You can now make one payment to a new beneficiary within the first 60 minutes of them being set up. The payment can be up to the value of £1,000.

    If you want to make payments greater than £1,000 to this new beneficiary, or a second payment, you will need to wait 60 minutes from the time the new beneficiary has been set up.

    I have a technical error, what can I do?

    Please call us on 0345 300 2924 and an advisor will be able to assist you with the issue.

  • How do I register for Online for Business?

    You will need to complete an online registration form. This is completely secure and will only take a few minutes to complete.

    Once you have completed the pre-populated form, sign it and post it to the address on the bottom of the form. If you do not receive your welcome pack after 12 working days, please call our Internet Banking helpdesk on 0345 3000 2924 (+44 (0) 131 339 8620 from overseas), lines are open 24/7. Calls from abroad will be charged at the service providers published tariffs. Your call may be monitored and recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help us improve our quality of service.

    I have completed the Online for Business application form but forgot to save or print the pre-populated application form. How can I get a new form?

    To get a new pre-populated application form, please call the Helpdesk on 0345 300 2924. Lines are open 24/7.

    What is Delegated Access?

    You can choose to set different levels of online access for each of your internet banking users, depending on their role and your business requirements. There are three user access levels to choose from: Full access user (for account signatories only); Full access delegate user and View only user.

    Please see the table below for more details:

    I am a Trust account holder, what level of Internet Banking access should I apply for?

    If you are a Trust account holder, you need to apply for View Only Access (Delegate). This option provides access to the business accounts held, enabling the user to see accounts, balances, recent transactions and historic statements, but not carry out any actions.

    If you apply for Full Access your application will be returned to you and you will need to reapply for View Only Access (Delegate).

    To apply for View Only Access (Delegate), follow the steps below:

    Step 1. On the internet banking registration homepage please select “No” to the “Are you an Account Signatory?” question before pressing continue.

    Internet banking registration homepage:

    Internet Banking registration hompage

    Step 2.You will then be taken to the Delegate registration form. On the printed delegate registration form that you complete at the end of the online process (see below) please check either the box marked “View Only access to all accounts” or “View Only access to the accounts selected below”.

    Printed delegate registration form:

    Printed delegate registration form
    How do I apply for delegate users on my account?

    A potential delegate user will need to register for Internet Banking - choosing the level of delegate access you have decided best fits their role. 

    Once we’ve processed your application we’ll post your welcome pack within 12 days. If you haven’t heard from us either by post or email (if you’ve provided your email address during registration), please call us on 0345 300 2924.

    How do I amend/remove an existing user?

    If you would like to remove or amend an existing delegate user, or upgrade them to a Full Access user, you will need to complete a Mandate Variation request using the following steps:

    1. Open a Mandate Variation request
    2. Complete the “Amend Online for Business access for existing users” section on the “Changes to Individuals” page
    3. Generate and download the PDF form
    4. Print the form and collect the required signatures
    5. Return the form to the address stated on the form

    Please note: this form will be blocked on a mobile phone to ensure our customers can clearly read all the information. You can use a laptop, desktop or tablet with an up to date browser.

    Can I change my user access after I've registered?

    Yes you can. If you would like to change the access level for yourself or another user, you can do this by completing an Internet User Variation Form. You'll need to print and complete this, then return it to: Bank of Scotland, Online Helpdesk, PO Box 800, Tredegar Park, Newport, South Wales, NP10 8SB.

    Can I close my Internet Banking account online?

    No, in order to close your Internet Banking account please call the Helpdesk on 0345 300 2924.

  • Why can't I log into my Internet Banking?

    There could be a number of reasons for you not being able to log on to your Business Internet Banking account:

    • You may have not received your card and card reader yet. If you just applied your card and reader should be with you soon. If you don’t receive it after 5 days have passed please give our Helpdesk a call on 0345 300 2924 (+44 (0)131 339 8620 from overseas).
    • You are inputting the wrong password. Forgot your password.
    • You are inputting the wrong user name. Forgot your user name.
    What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

    Please follow the instructions on the following page: Forgot your password.

  • Are there any online payment limits per account?

    As the table below highlights, online payments depend on the amount of money available in your account.

    Transaction Limit

    Account Daily Limit

    Internal Funds Transfer (same name account)

    Transaction Limit


    Account Daily Limit

    No Limit

    Internal Funds Transfer (third party)

    Transaction Limit


    Account Daily Limit


    Bill Payments

    Transaction Limit


    Account Daily Limit


    Faster Payments

    Transaction Limit


    Account Daily Limit


    Internal Standing Order

    Transaction Limit


    Account Daily Limit


    External Standing Order

    Transaction Limit


    Account Daily Limit


    International Payment

    Transaction Limit


    Account Daily Limit


    How do I make payments to 3rd parties/ other companies?

    To pay another person, company or non-Bank of Scotland account, use the 'Make a payment' button to the right of each account name on 'Your accounts' page. Or select the 'Payments' tab on an account's statement page. From this tab, you can:

    • View pending payments and change or cancel them.
    • View recipients that you've added in the past; make a payment to them; or delete them from your list.
    • Add a recipient to your list.
    Can I see pending transactions?

    When you log in to Online for Business, you will be able to see them by clicking on 'Pending debit card transactions and cheques being processed' on your account statement page.

    Can I change my business address online?

    To have your address updated, either drop into your local branch or download a change of address form and send it completed to:

    Bank of Scotland,
    PO Box 548,
    Leeds LS1 1WU.

  • How secure is Online for Business?

    Online fraud costs UK banks and their customers tens of millions of pounds each year. Fraudsters are making full use of new technology such as spyware and malware to hijack customers' online banking sessions. To make our Online for Business as secure as possible we have introduced card reader technology when you bank online with us.

    For your safety - We will only ever ask you to generate an access code using the 'Sign' function to authorise a payment that you have initiated. Any requests to use 'Identify, Respond or Sign' on your card reader when not carrying out this activity should be treated as a potential fraud attack. When we prompt you to use the 'Sign' function, we always ask you to confirm your PIN, the destination account number and the full payment amount as well. You will never be contacted by the bank phone to "reconfigure" or "resynchronize" your Card & Reader.

    If in any doubt, terminate your on-line session and call us immediately on 0345 300 2924 (+44 131 339 8620 from overseas). Lines are open from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. As usual, please make sure nobody is watching you whenever you enter your PIN into the card reader, or when entering passcodes into the Internet Banking screens. We will never call you to ask for any Identify, Respond or Sign codes from your card and reader.

    How do I use my card reader?

    Using a card reader makes your online business banking as secure as possible and reduces the risk of a fraud attack. The additional levels of security the card reader brings will also allow us to offer other online business related services in the future. Refer to the card reader FAQs for more information.

    Do I need a card reader to make payments?

    To make a payment to a new beneficiary you will be required to use your card reader for verification. To make a payment to an existing beneficiary you can simply use your password that you use for login.

    What is the Respond function?

    The Respond key on a card reader is used for setting up or amending a new beneficiary or a standing order. Please follow the on screen instructions to generate a passcode.

    How do I unlock my card reader?

    You can unlock your card reader at any branch. Alternatively, call our Internet Banking helpline on 0345 300 2924. In both cases, you'll be taken through some security questions so that we can verify your identity. Please ensure you have relevant documentation to proceed with these checks.

    How do I reset my password?

    Go to the log on page and click on 'Forgotten password?' You'll be taken through some security questions so that we can verify your identity. Once your details have been confirmed, you can reset your password. Please note that you will need your card and card reader for this.

    How do I retrieve my username?

    Go to the log on page and click on 'Forgotten your User ID?' You'll be taken through some security questions so that we can verify your identity. Once your details have been confirmed, your User ID will be displayed on screen.