Online banking

Helping you manage your finances 24/7*

By switching to online banking you can spend less time, resource and money managing your company's finances. Internet banking is secure, convenient and accessible round the clock. So you bank whenever it suits your business.

Key points

  • Manage your business’s finances online 24/7/365.
  • Choose varying levels of access for each of your Internet Banking users.
  • Make international payments for 50% less cost than in branch.
  • Have the latest online security technologies.

Internet Banking allows you to monitor outgoing payments without needing to take time out of the office to visit a branch.

Why do it?

Choose a bank that offers a comprehensive online banking service. Here are some of the benefits of managing your business banking online with us:

Manage your accounts around the clock

Bank when it suits you – check your balance, recent transactions and manage your finances 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Have more control over your finances

  • Flexible online access – you can choose varying levels of access for each of your Internet Banking users, from unrestricted to read-only privileges, depending on their role.
  • Online payment control – set payment limits for each user, or specify two or three people who must authorise all transactions.
  • Multiple and bulk payments – you can make as many as 25 payments at any given time.
  • Overseas payments – make international payments in over 35 currencies and pay 50% less than you would in-branch or by phone.
  • Standing orders – set up new recurring payments and manage existing standing orders and Direct Debits.
  • Instant transfers – move funds immediately from one Bank of Scotland account to another, whether personal, business, credit or savings.
Bank securely

We use the most up-to-date online security technologies to protect your money, privacy and business information. We also guarantee to refund your money in the unlikely event you experience fraud with our Internet Banking service – as long as you've taken reasonable steps to keep your security information safe.

How do I do it?

Sign up for online banking

Do some research into the different business accounts available and choose the one that’s best suited to your company. If you are just starting up, a 'Business Account for Start-Ups' could be the best option. If you’re a not-for-profit organisation, a 'Club, Charity or Society Account' may be the best choice. Find out more about Bank of Scotland business accounts.

Log in securely

Your company’s financial information is guarded by your bank's secure login process. To gain access to your accounts, you will have to complete security checks like entering your PIN code, using a card reader when setting up new payees and answering security questions.

Authorise additional users

Save time and delegate banking and accounting responsibilities to other members of staff by giving them secure access to your accounts. You can determine what type of access they have, set the maximum payment levels allowable and specify which payments require authorisation before being processed.

Keep track of your finances

Online bank accounts make it easy to stay on top of your financial affairs:

  • Browse bank statements split by week, month or as a yearly summary.
  • Find specific incoming or outgoing payments by looking through your transaction history.
  • Download transactions and save them to a computer, allowing you to print out paper copies of your activity if needed.
  • Receive text alerts to give you a weekly update of your balance, or to tell you when your account reaches a specified low or high level.
Manage your payments

Business Internet Banking allows you to monitor outgoing payments without needing to take time out of the office to visit a branch:

  • Set up standing orders and manage Direct Debits.
  • Make multiple payments or transfer funds to international payees.
  • Move funds between your online accounts, e.g. from your business account to your savings account.
Accept donations securely

If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation, you can accept donations using third-party payment processing software, such as PayPal and Google Wallet†. Alternatively, you could use specialist third-party fundraising software like DonorPerfect, thankQ or Blackbaud† to raise funds. Link whichever software you choose to your online banking account so you can efficiently monitor and manage your donations.

*Occasionally we may need to carry out essential maintenance to Online Banking services, resulting in some interruption to the service.

†Please note that these are just examples of the types of software available and Lloyds Banking Group does not endorse the services they provide.

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Open a business account

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