For many businesses the struggle to survive the pandemic is far from over. Those that do manage to  survive are rightly seen as a success story, but what does that success really look like? For many it will simply be opening their doors to customers once more.

Over the coming months, Lockdown Learnings will feature the voice of some astonishing businesses and well known entrepreneurs who, through adversity, found the resilience to survive, adopting new ways of running their enterprise.

With a host of learnings, the ambition is that through their actions, others can find the inspiration to adapt and develop their own business through recovery and beyond.

Discover their stories and experiences here.

Lockdown Learnings live event replay

Well known entrepreneur Brie Read, Founder of Snag, recently featured in our live online event, reflecting on business in lockdown and bouncing back. 

Watch the replay highlights, where alongside an expert panel, Brie shares insight and inspiration for businesses wanting to build financial resilience, adopt digital technology or improve their sustainability credentials.  

Brie Read

Brie Read’s top 5 lockdown learnings

Keep communicating. Talk to your customers, be honest with them so they know you still have their needs at heart. Extend that principle to your workforce too - listen to them and understand the headspace they are in.

Partner with a bank you can trust. It’s important that you can talk to them about what’s really happening in your business and know that they are there to support you.

Build in flexibility. For us it was about having a wider product mix so that we have something to sell to anyone, regardless of what else is happening in the world.

Solve problems yourself. It’s easy to think an issue is too big or hard but you need to put the work in and keep trying - nobody else is going to do that for you.

Get your balance of stress right. If you’re completely stressed out as a business leader, your whole organisation will be too. Take time off and do things that boost your own mental health.

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“Who’d have thought our biggest support would come from the competition.”

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