Trade Services

Want to buy or sell goods overseas, but also want to minimise risk? 

We understand that exporters face the risk of non-payment, for example, and that importers need to know that the goods that they have contracted to buy will be received in good order.

We can provide you with several useful tools to help you manage these risks.

Documentary letters of credit

If you are exporting you can ensure you are paid on time and in the correct amount using documentary letters of credit and leverage our banking network.

If you are importing you can use this solution to ensure that the goods that they have ordered are shipped on time and in keeping with the terms of sale.

Documentary collections

Both exporters and importers can gain security of payment or delivery through controlled release of shipping documents.

Online trade services

Online trade services provide a dashboard to enable you to manage trade transactions such as letters of credit and guarantees.

Foreign guarantees

You can use guarantees or bonds to give new customers confidence in your ability to perform under a contract or make payment.

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